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  • Description is exactly "Jean Elliott is the Director of Communications for the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences at Virginia Tech. Before coming to VT in 1999, she earned degrees from Western Maryland College and Salisbury University, then worked in sports information at Brown University and the College of William & Mary. Elliott serves as the co-chair of VT's LGBT Faculty/Staff Caucus and was instrumental in starting the annual Gay in Appalachia event series at the university. She has received multiple awards, including the OUTstanding Virginian from Equality Virginia.

    In this interview, Elliott discusses her childhood, struggling with her sexuality throughout her childhood and early adulthood, and being out as a lesbian or gay woman while working at Virginia Tech. She also discusses stories of her contributions to the LGBT programming at VT, including the Gay in Appalachia event series, and her observations about allies, challenges, and changes in Virginia and at Virginia Tech."
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