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  • Description is exactly "M. Rupert Cutler was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan in 1933. Following his father's alma mater, he attended the University of Michigan and received his Bachelor's degree in Wildlife Management in 1955. His love for environmentalism and resource management, led him to pursue both a Master's and PhD in resource management in later years.

    Cutler's career in wilderness started prior to the completion of his PhD. In 1957, he started his post of the executive secretary of Wildlife Conservation Incorporated in Boston. Throughout the years, he served as the associate editor of Virginia Wildlife, editor for the National Wildlife Federation, and the assistant executive director of the Wilderness Society. Upon finishing his PhD, he became an assistant professor, and going on to serve as the Assistant Secretary of Agriculture for Conservation, Research, and Education under the Carter Administration.

    He arrived in Southwest Virginia in January of 1991, when he moved to Roanoke, Virginia to serve as the executive director of Virginia's Explore Park. From 1997 until 2010, he continued to work in Virginia's natural resources, including (but not limited to) land conservation, Natural Parks, and waste water treatment. In this oral history interview, Cutler covers his long career, how he arrived in Roanoke, VA, and his work serving Southwest Virginia for 30 years. Throughout the interview, his service and passion is evident. Cutler has dedicated his life to environmentalism, and bettered the community through it. "
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