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  • Description is exactly "Mary “Prim” Jones grew up in Blacksburg and around campus. Although she considered other colleges, she chose to attend Virginia Tech for her undergraduate degree, studying mechanical engineering as an early female student. She graduated in 1962, and moved to Northern Virginia and began working at Atlantic Research Corporation as a structural engineer. She eventually got her master’s degree in mechanical engineering from George Washington, and continued working in the field. She was inducted into the Virginia Tech College of Engineering Academy of Engineering Excellence.

    In this interview, Prim recounts her life as a pioneer of women in engineering. At Virginia Tech, she was one of six women in her class to begin, and one of three to graduate. She reflects on the isolation where her male peers and professors would intentionally oust her, despite her accomplishments and ties to the department. In her professional career, being discriminated against on the basis of her gender, but persevering. To end, she reflects on the changes in the university, particularly in relation to gender equality on campus."
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