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  • Description is exactly "Megan Nguyen is a Queer Vietnamese American originally from Northern Virginia. They attended Virginia Tech from 2012 to 2016 and studied Biology. They found the LGBTA, now HokiePRIDE, early during their time at Virginia Tech. They were involved in Zack Fry's campaign for homecoming king in 2013 and then became the HokiePRIDE representative on the Student Government Association (SGA), working on the university's non-discrimination policy, Policy 1025. They went on to serve as President of HokiePRIDE before shifting their focus to Queer and Trans People of Color at Virginia Tech (QTPOC@VT) where they served as Co-President from 2014 until 2017. They are a prominent voice for lifting up and centering people who have historically been marginalized by the dominance of white gay men in LGBTQ+ spaces."
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