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  • Description is exactly "Michelle Oshinski was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and is currently earning a degree in English Education with a minor in Theatre, hoping to graduate in the Spring of 2016. Oshinski details her identity as a pansexual. She discusses how her childhood and early life experiences shaped her understanding of the term, how she currently navigates the LGBT community, and the unique issues that are associated with being a pansexual. She also discusses her involvement with TranSpace at Virginia Tech, and her thoughts on the LGBTQ+ community at Virginia Tech.

    This oral history was conducted in the summer of 2015 as part of an oral history project titled: “Bridging the gap between LGBTQ alumni and current students,” by Megan Lee Myklegard, winner of the 2015 Atlantic Coast Conference Creativity and Innovation grant for undergraduate research and creative scholarship. "
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