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  • Description is exactly "Mr. Eugene Lawson and Mr. Scott Sterl are both graduates of Virginia Tech, where they met and began their relationship that is still continuing today over 42 years later. As a couple they have been very active in the communities they have lived in, both socially and politically serving on the Circles Board for the Kennedy Center and hosting fundraising events in their home. Mr. Lawson currently practices law and Mr. Sterl is a working architect. They both have a strong passion for the arts, politics, and of course Virginia Tech.

    In part 1, Mr. Lawson describes his personal history and involvement with Virginia Tech and the Gay Rights Movement.

    In part 2, Mr. Sterl describes his personal history, his studies at Virginia Tech and his involvement with the Log Cabin Republicans.

    In part 3, Messrs. Lawson and Sterl discuss the progression of the gay rights movement through their own eyes. This eventually leads both men to talk about their involvement with the Kennedy Center, and their experience seeing the AIDS Quilt spread across the lawn at the Washington Monument. This portion of the interview ends with Mr. Lawson talking about why he believes people are always surprised to hear about gay couples being together for long periods of time."
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