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  • Description is exactly "Rector: Harvey Black, M.D. Ex-Officio: His Excellency, G. C. Walker, Governor of Virginia; Hon. J. C. Taylor, Attorney General; Rev. W. H. Ruffner, D. D., Sup't of Public Instruction; Gen. W. H. F. Lee, President State Agricultural Society. Appointed by the Governor for Three Year: Gen. J. R. Anderson, Richmond; Hon. John Goode, Jr., Norfolk; Col. John E. Penn, Patrick. Appointed by the Governor for Two Years: Robert Beverley, Esq. Fauquier; W. A. Stuart, Esq. Smythe; E. M. Tidball, Esq. Frederick. Appointed by the Governor for One Year: Harvey Black, M.D., Montgomery; Hon. D. C. DeJarnette, Caroline; Maj. W.T. Sutherlin, Pittsylvania. Secretary: V. E. Shepherd. This pdf document was created from an existing webpage from the original 125th Anniversary digital exhibit. "
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