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  • Description is exactly "The Board of Visitors of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute who on Tuesday, June 27, assumed the administrative control of the Radford College which under the acts of its consolidation with the Virginia Polytechnic Institute became the Woman's Division of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute. There was a full attendance of the board at the meeting on Tuesday, including the four women recently appointed by Governor Darden to the board. They are left to right: Dr. Dabney S. Lancaster, state superintendent of public instruction, Richmond; V. G. Eberwine, Suffolk; Charles W. Wampler, Harrisonburg; Colonel James F. Woods, rector of the board, Roanoke; Dr. Phlegar Smith, Hollins College, Hollins; Mrs. R. L. McConnell, Radford; Dr. Julian A. Burruss, Blacksburg; L. W. Webb, Norfolk; W. E. Wine, Parker; Dr. D. W. Peters, Radford; Mrs. H. H. Walton, Frederick Hall; Mrs. Cynthia A. Boatwright, Coeburn; E. D. Nininger, Roanoke; Robert A. Russell, Rustburg; J. B. Fogleman, Blacksburg; Charles C. Reed, Richmond; and Allen T. Eskridge, Pulaski. (Photo by Kent Studio) Roanoke Times, July 2, 1944."
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