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  • Description is exactly "The collection includes a broadside advertising a land auction in Floyd County, Virginia, to be held on August 5, 1859. The auction was ordered by the Circuit Court of Floyd County in April of 1859. The land covered by the auction is 78 acres belonging to William J. Beckelhimer on Laurel Creek (near Tindall, Virginia) and adjoining land owned by the heirs of Asa L. Howard. Thomas W. Simmons is named executor and is also noted as having originally owned the land and sold it to Beckelhimer. Henry Lane is listed as the commissioner of the sale and is said to have "signed" the broadside with the date July 1, 1859. The broadside notes that "The land is good producing well, Wheat, Rye, Oats and Corn." It lists 9 month credit terms for the purchaser."
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