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  • Description is exactly "The diary of Jacob Wallace Smith, a Union sharpshooter with the 7th Company, 1st Battalion, New York Sharpshooters, in the Northern Virginia region.The first few pages of the diary include a brief history of his enlistment. The early entries describe his unit's travels around Alexandria and Northern Virginia. The majority of the entries detail his experiences in and around Culpepper from December 1863 to May 1864. He talks about camp life, drills, daily activities, letters from home, and playing baseball in camp. Smiley's last complete entry was on May 4, 1864, when the regiment moved from Culpepper toward Wilderness. May 5th includes a date and location, but no entry. Smiley was killed in action at the Wilderness later that day.
    Tucked inside the diary is a CDV of Smiley and his wife, Melissa, probably taken before Jacob was drafted."
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