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  • Description is exactly "This patriotic Union scrapbook contains items mostly from the first year of the American Civil War, including Union songsheets, mourning cards, cartes-de-visite, patriotic covers, and cartoons, many of the latter clipped from patriotic stationery of the day. The scrapbook was compiled by George F. Doyle of Charlestown, Massachusetts.

    Most of the items celebrate the Union and its defense, while others mock the Confederacy and its leaders. Several items relate to Union martyr Colonel Elmer E. Ellsworth, and a few items depict African Americans.

    The scrapbook includes a Confederate 10-dollar bill and a Confederate 1000-dollar non-taxable certificate. The scrapbook is full of colorful clippings and are placed in patterns on the pages. Along with the clippings, there are three portrait drawings of generals in the civil war."
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