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  • Description is exactly "Thompson V. Lester, Sr. was born in Christiansburg, Virginia in 1915. Thompson Lester met and married his wife, Elizabeth, in New Jersey. After serving in the Navy, Lester returned to Christiansburg, where he worked for his family's dry cleaning business. In this interview, Thompson Lester describes the Christiansburg community, describes educational opportunities such as Christiansburg Institute, and he discusses his family's business. Additionally, Thompson Lester talks about Black fraternal organizations, such as the Masons.

    Elizabeth (Betty) R. Lester was born in New Jersey before marrying Thompson Lester and moving to Christiansburg, Virginia. In this interview, Elizabeth Lester joins her husband in talking about the Christiansburg community. She specifically describes health care access to Black community members, unequal access to public goods and services, church life in the community, and social life in the community, such as the Household of Ruth organization."
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