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  • Description is exactly "Written sometime around 1900, the memoirs recount the military career of Archibald previous hit Atkinson next hit, Jr., as a doctor in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War, serving as a surgeon for the 10th Regiment, Virginia Cavalry, followed by appointments with the 31st Regiment, Virginia Infantry, and the Second Army Corps, Army of Northern Virginia.

    The memoir was written in a commercially prepared notebook (printed, lined paper) on a total of 58 pages. The memoir seems to begin in the middle of the text; there is no introductory material or conclusion. There may well have been another notebook with the first part of the narrative; if so, there is no indication anywhere on the notebook preserved at Virginia Tech of its existence.

    <a target="_blank" href="">A transcription of the text is available online.</a> The transcription preserves the page and line breaks as they appear in the original. Links throughout the transcript point to additional information on relevent people and places."
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