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Telegram, dated October 27, 1947, from J. Robert Oppenheimer to Frédéric Joliot-Curie informing them that he would not be able to attend the ceremony to honor Ernest Rutherford, Lord Rutherford.

Thank you note, undated, from J. Robert Oppenheimer to Robert E. Marshak. Oppenheimer was thanking Marshak for his note on Okubo [probably University of Rochester physicist Susumu Okubo], and telling him to have a good time on his trip.

Telegram from J. Robert Oppenheimer to Robert E. Marshak informing him that he will be in Europe on May 8, 1963, to speak to Marshak or "Eklund."

Letter from J. Robert Oppenheimer to Robert E. Marshak regarding his presence in France as well as CERN.

Letter dated December 1, 1947, from J. Robert Oppenheimer to Robert E. Marshak regarding Marshak's appointment as a member of the School of Methematics of the Institute for Advanced Study for the spring 1948 semester.

Telegram dated February 20, 1967, from Ruth and Robert E. Marshak to Kitty Oppenheimer offering condolences for the passing of her husband J. Robert Oppenheimer.

Letter (photocopy) from Albert Einstein to Robert E. Marshak, dated March 3, 1953, thanking him for giving time and energy to the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) in Haifa.

A memorial mass enrollment card from the Society of the Little Flower requested by "A Mother - Florida".

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A letter explaining some features of plat drawn up by a surveyor on behalf of the mill.

A letter sent to a lawyer with the legal description and plat of the parcel of land on which the Y.M.C.A. building stands, requesting a deed be drawn up.

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A letter regarding land for a maintenence road for Highway 94.

A letter regarding land for a maintenence road for Highway 94.

A letter regarding land for a maintenence road for Highway 94.

A letter regarding land for a maintenence road for Highway 94.

A letter from the mill Vice President and Mayor of Fries, allowing the Highway Department to clean up a specified piece of land.

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A letter from a resident of Fries reporting their neighbor to the mill administration for perceived suspicious behavior.

A document granting the Virginia Department of Highways a certain amount of land to build a maintenance road for Highway 94.

A letter regarding land for a maintenence road for Highway 94.

A letter regarding land for a maintenence road for Highway 94.

A letter regarding land for a maintenence road for Highway 94.

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A letter regarding some land given to the state in order to redo a state highway.

A letter to responding to a telegram about a man potentially trying to convince mill employees to quit in order to work at another company.

A letter asking the mill to support an amendement that would change the way the work of women and children was limited in Virginia.

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A letter from the state of Virginia offering assistance to test Fries residents for hookworm.

A letter sent by the state confirming that the mill provided all utilities for the town.

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A letter sent to the mayor of Fries asking about moving to town to set up shop as a dentist.

A note sent in by an employee explaining their inability to work for several days.

An image of a bobbin winding machine sent to the Fries mill.

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A letter explaining plans to build a new Baptist Church on Main Street in Fries, Va.

A letter asking about a man detained in Atlanta who was possibly wanted for murder in Fries.

A letter responding to another company's attempts to collect on an alleged $2 debt.

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A letter offering jobs and perks to a family in order to convince them to go work at the Fries mill.

A letter from the treasurer of the Washignton Mills Company inquiring about several employees wh had quit their jobs in North Carolina in order to work at the mill in Fries.

A letter introducing a new mill employee, sent to the Fries Mill from another mill owned by the Washington Mills Company.

A short missive from the president of Wachovia Loan and Trust Company and the founder and president of Washington Mills Company, Col. Francis H. Fries, thanking the mill superintendent for sending updates about operations. Includes and example of the…

A letter to a former mill employee accusing him of trying to convince his former coworkers at the mill to quit and join him at his new company.

A letter to the mill superintendant asking about jobs for men being released from jail.

A letter to Dr. Wilmer Hodgson asking him to resign as mill doctor for Fries.

A letter about a personnel change within the Fries Textile Mill.

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A letter from a doctor at the University of Virginia who came to Fries to help tend flu victims.

A letter from Mrs. Jack Epps asking for fabric samples to match her new wallpaper.

A letter from the Werthan Bag Corporation asking the mill to resell their empty bags to help with the war effort.

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A letter from Herbert Neisser, MD, inquiring about a position at the mill.

A letter from Haywood Haynes informing the mill that he and his family would be coming to work at the mill, with information about his family and their housing needs.

A letter from Mrs. Patsie Pruitt asking for her job back at the mill. She had moved to Maryland, but wanted to go back to Fries because child labor laws in Maryland prevented her children from working.

A letter from a mechanical engineer at Virginia Tech explaining the required dimensions of a part for the mill.

A suggested template about workplace safety, sent to the Fries Textile Plant.

A letter from the principal of the high school asking for scrap cloth to clean the school.

A letter from the principal of the high school informing the mill adminstration that a tank in the Home Economics Cottage had begun to leak.
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