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Duncan talks about a murder in Giles and the aftermath of the murderer's arrest. He talks about his religious views and comments on Biblical…

Duncan talks about the weather, its affect on the crops, and about the immoral conduct of his uncle.

Threves talks about her family and where they all live. She also talks about the presidents election.

Duncan tells his uncle and relatives about his travels from his cousin's house and back to home as well as his health and welfare.

Duncan talks about his religious views and comments on Biblical scriptures.

This receipt verifies that the account is correct for seven hundred pounds of hay.

Carpenter tells his sister about the war including attacks near Lynchburg and Confederate prisoners held by the Union soldiers.

Carpenter tells his sister about himself and his siblings with him as they arrived to camp near the Salt Works.

Carpenter talks about preparing for a march towards Charleston and details the fighting near White Sulphur that he took part in.

Carpenter tells his sister about skirmishing on the way to Charleston.

Carpenter tells his sister about war news he has heard and asks about the family.

Carpenter tells his sister about the low possibility of peace in the war.

Transcription of the interview with corrections and additions done by Pandapas

The Montgomery White Sulphur Springs resort register includes the names of the resort's guests, their place of residence and notes on their meals,…

This file is an xslx spreadsheet of the holdings in the Virginia Newspaper Collection. Clicking on the "Ms2012_034_VirginiaNewspaperCollection" link…
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