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AIDS Education Committee objectives, composed to help obtain support and endorsement for the AIDS Education effort at Virginia Tech.

Poster advertising an upcoming Lambda Horizon event. The group's campus phone number and contact information is listed on the poster.

Lambda Horizon poster advertising the group's upcoming meeting on November 15, 1984. Handwritten notes are on the back of the poster.

Press relese sent to local news media outlets regarding the March 1st AIDS Education Forum at Virginia Tech.

Program of scheduled events for Life Fest, Virginia Tech's concert for AIDS education, research, and treatment held in Lane Stadium on September 8, 1989.

Edited draft of a proposal and letter to Dr. Sandra M. Sullivan, Vice President of Student Affairs, regarding the creaqtion of a staff position for Gay Student Concerns at Virginia Tech.

Announcement card from Virginia Tech's radio station WUVT promoting Lambda Horizon. The card has graffiti and a series of comments and gay slurs written on it.

Dining hall table tent card created by Lambda Horizon advertisingg the group's presence on Virginia Tech's campus.

A letter from Vice President William McKeefery to Robert Frye, President of the Gay Student Alliance, dated July 22, 1971, in response to Frye's letter to the Dean for Student Programs, dated June 30, regarding the decision not to recognize the Gay…

A letter from Gay Student Alliance president Robert A. Frye to Martha Harder, Dean for Student Programs, regarding the University Council decision to not recognize the Gay Alliance as an official student organization, dated June 30, 1971. This…

Memorandum from Executive Assistant to the President and General Council Walter H. Ryland to University President Dr. T. Marshall Hahn, Jr. regarding the Gay Student Alliance, dated June 9, 1971. Included is statement written by Ryland to president…

Fundraising sign up sheet for a "Bowling for Bus Shelters" sponsored by Lambda Horizon.

A Lambda Horizon request to the Student Budget Board for a small grant to help fund the 3rd Annual Gay Awareness Week.

Chronology of events leading up to the AIDS Education Forum held at Virginia Tech on March 1, 1986.

Letter produced by Virginia Tech's Divcision of Student Health regarding the imprtance of education in the fight against AIDS and the upcoming AIDS Education Forum to be held on March 1, 1986.

Letter to selected universities and organizations from the AIDS Education Committee inviting them to attend the AIDS Education Forum to be held at Virginia Tech on Mar ch 1, 1986.

Letter to friends of Lambda Horizon announcing the groups partnership with the university to present Virginia Tech's AIDS Education Forum.

Letter from Dr. Richard P. Keeling, the University of Virginia's Diractor of Student Health, to Mark Weber regarding arrangements for the upcoming ACHA national conference in New Orleans.

Correspondence from Dr. Richard P. Keeling, UVA's Director of Student Health, to Mark Weber congratulating him for his recent proposal for the creation of a Gay Student Concerns staff position at Virginia Tech.

Letter to friends of Lambda Horizon from Mark Weber asking for their support and financial assistance.

Letter to the local news media from Mark weber, President of Lambda Horizon, detailing the agenda for Gay Awareness Week. A flyer and Lambda Horizon information is included with the letter.

Letter to the Political Science faculty at Virginia Tech inviting them to attend U.S. Congressman Barney Frank's lecture at Lambda Horizon's Gay Awareness Week. A flyer and Lambda Horizon group information is attached to the letter.

Fundraising and information letter describing the functions and activities of Lambda Horizon.

A letter from Lambda Horizon President Mark Weber to Raft, the Sociology Department, the Psychology Department, the Family and Childe Development Center, the University Counseling Center, and Student Health Services inviting them to attend a talk on…

Letter from Patrick Hanrahan to mark Weber regarding possible organization activities for Lambda Horizon in the coming months.

Letter to Phil Donahue from the AIDS Education Committee inviting him to attend the AIDS Education Forum being held at Virginia Tech on March 1, 1986.

Letter from Robert Riddle, President of the Gay Student Alliance at Virginia Commonwealth University, to attendees of the Planning Conference for Gay Awareness Week 1985. Letter includes a schedule of events and a map of the VCU campus.

Letter from Robert Riddle, President of the Gay Student Alliance at Virginia Commonwealth University, regarding a conference in preparation for a statewide Gay Awareness Week to be held on several college campuses. Meeting notes from the conference…

Letter from Lambda Horizon's Roland Follot to fellow gay student representatives at other universities concerning Gay Awareness Week.

Letter from the Squires Student Center Program Director, Mary L Thoreen, and the Squires Ticket Office manager Sue Vinson, to Lambda Horizon President mark Weber notifying the group of a policy change for student groups who wish to purchase blocks…

Letter to lambda Horizon Officers and Members from Senior Sociology major Victoria L. Smith asking for the groups help and advice with her seminar project about the stigmatization of subcultures and minority groups.

Handout for "Education on a Shoestring." a funding and program guide for creating an AIDS Education Program on a college campus.

Invitation from Lambda Horizon to a Wine and Cheese social held at the home of the group's president.

Paper detailing possible publicity campoaign options for Lambda Horizon.

Handout produced by Lambda Horizon offering ten tips about what to do when you encounter a gay or lesbian.

Handout produced by Lambda Horizon detailing homophobic responses to gays and lesbians.

Transparency of a Product Life Cycle chart showing the Lambda Horizon's history and projected growth.

A letter to Mark Weber from James Devaty describing the look and printer options for Lambda Horizon's letterhead. An example letterhead is inculded with the letter.

Letter to Mark Weber from Ann Goette thanking him and the AIDS Education Committee for her honorarium she received for writng "Matthew" and reading her work at the conference.
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