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A letter asking the mill to support an amendement that would change the way the work of women and children was limited in Virginia.

A short missive from the president of Wachovia Loan and Trust Company and the founder and president of Washington Mills Company, Col. Francis H.…

An image of a bobbin winding machine sent to the Fries mill.

A memo sent to all departments notifying them that the Fries Mill would shut down knitting operations.

A letter introducing a new mill employee, sent to the Fries Mill from another mill owned by the Washington Mills Company.

A page of an early ledger tracking the Fries Mill's expenditures.

A letter responding to another company's attempts to collect on an alleged $2 debt.

A page from a mill ledger tracking maintenance work done on the mill-owned houses in Fries, Va.

A contract between the mill founders and the Funks, whereby the Washington Mills Company acquired land in Fries, Va.
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