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Confederate soldier in the 4th Virginia Regiment, Co. D, Ewell Corps, Stonewall Brigade, during the Civil War. Letter written November 22, 1863, to "My Dear Friend" from camp on the Rapidan River near Orange Court House, Virginia. Writes about his…
the Civil War diary of Alfred Mantor, a corporal (and later sergeant) with C Company of the 27th Massachusetts Infantry. Mantor's diary covers January through April of 1864, shortly before he was killed in action in May. Entries focus on his…


Written sometime around 1900, the memoirs recount the military career of Archibald previous hit Atkinson next hit, Jr., as a doctor in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War, serving as a surgeon for the 10th Regiment, Virginia Cavalry,…

Assignment of real estate in Patrick County, VA., of James Dillion to his widow, Barbara Dillion.

Five dollar confederate bond.

The diary of Alva Cleveland, a 57-year-old soldier who served as an orderly with the 1st Regiment, Wisconsin Infantry. The diary covers March to July 1862 while Cleveland's regiment was stationed around Nashville, Tennessee, and in northern Alabama.…

The Civil War diary of Captain Daniel A. Lowber of Company A, 37th Wisconsin Infantry. The diary entries commence with July 25, 1864, with Lowber apparently in transit to his regiment after a temporary furlough. He joins the regiment the day after…
Milton S. Koontz's Diary from March 1865 to May 1865. Primarily details the movements and actions of Koontz and his fellow troops.
Milton S. Koontz's Diary from the dates June 10, 1863 to December 31, 1863. Focuses primarily on the military related actions of each day

Leonard's diary begins in August 1864, apparently when he was appointed to drive an ambulance. His entries are short and refer mostly to his daily activities: who or what he was conveying to and from the hospital at City Point outside Petersburg;…,Ebenezer_Diary_1864_FrontCover.jpg
The diary of Ebenezer E. Mason, a standard leather bound pocket size edition with three dates per page that covers his experiences from January through August 1864 as well as a few entries in February 1865. The entries typically note the weather of…

Addressed to Mrs. Barbara Hylton of Floyd Co., VA.

Letter written by Fenner Wilson, a private in Company D, 45th North Carolina Infantry, during the American Civil War, to his brother, B. G. (Basley Graves) Wilson. Writing from Danville, Virginia, Wilson discusses sickness in his company and other…

Fine of 1 dollar and 50 cents to Samuel Huff for delinquency at Battalion and Augt. Musters

The G. Horace Tarr Letter collection contains a letter dated May 4, 1863, giving a detailed eye-witness account of the Battle of Chancellorsville during the American Civil War.

A photograph of Robert E. Lee. The Robert E. Lee Collection comprises one personal letter, one portrait, and two reproduced photographs. The letter is from Lee to Reverend W. H. Braddus of Lexington, Virginia, regarding Lee's check for $30.00, which…

From: Head Quarters, Department of Alexandria, Camp Pickens. General Order No. 16: The General is disturbed by the careless discharge of firearms which slaughter men, therefore, No firing will be allowed except between the hours of 11AM and 12PM. It…
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