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Letter from Jack Foster, formerly enslaved person and body servant in the 36th Virginia Infantry, to Confederate General John McCausland, reminiscing about the Battle of Cloyd's Mountain and his time in camp service.

Note telling the recipient that they will be receiving a lock of hair.

Letter from John G. Conway to Catlett Conway, in which John informs Catlett of his visit to the Court House in a failed attempt to find a will to…

Weddle informs Samuel Huff of his welfare after his trip and what he saw while he traveled.

Hylton talks about traveling from Abingdon, VA to Saltville, VA and about where they are going next.

Hylton updates his wife on his recovery since his injury.

Hylton talks about what he heard about the battle at Richmond.

Hubbard tells her sister that they've both lost their companions and talks about moving on with the children.

Lorenzo Hylton tells Burwell Hylton to tell his wife that he has sent a picture to her and to look for it at Uncle Bryant's.

Hylton tells his wife that he is going to start marching from Kentucky to Virginia soon. He also instructs her to sell the cows at home.

Near Petersburg, Hylton tells his wife about the camp and getting his picture taken to send to her.

Letter from M.K. to Private G.W. Koontz. Letter details the impact of G.W.'s absence and provides updates on what is going on at home. Letter is…

Huff asks her sister for news of her health and tells her about a baby who died recently after falling ill. *on back of letter - another letter from…

Huff tells her sister that misfortune has made her move to another place in Putnam County.

Letter from Mary Hayden Wallace to Mamie, expressing sorrow about "Uncle Willie's" death and indicating that her father will be much affected by the…

Letter from Milton S. Koontz to Brother [George?]. Asks for advice regarding his transfer from Battery to Cavalry that he just recieved.

Letter from Milton S. Koontz to his mother. Short letter regarding requests for goods and minor updates to the war.

Letter from Milton S. Koontz to his sister Nellie. Details their recent troop movements as well as Milt's experiences in Martinsburg.

Letter from Milton S. Koontz to his sister Nellie. Details requests for food and clothing items. Also includes details on the creation of "buckwheat…

Letter from Milton S. Koontz to Sister Nellie. Details Milton's desire for furlough and the punishment some soldiers recieved for leaving without…

Letter from Milton S. Koontz to his Sister Nellie. Mainly details reports and false reports of military movements. Also mentions a portfolio and book…

Letter from Milton S. Koontz to Sister Nellie. Letter mainly concerns Milton's decision to accept the transfer to Cavalry from Battery.

Letter from Milton S. Koontz to his sister Nellie. Primarily details the troop movements and small skirmishes that have taken place recently.

Letter from Saml Riggs declaring George W. Koontz his lawful attorney

Slusher informs Barbara Hylton of the death of her husband, Lorenzo.
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