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This patriotic Union scrapbook contains items mostly from the first year of the American Civil War, including Union songsheets, mourning cards, cartes-de-visite, patriotic covers, and cartoons, many of the latter clipped from patriotic stationery of…

Letter from the creators of the original seal attesting to the authenticity of the replica.

Harvey Bear's diary from 1862.
The 1863 diary of Henry Squire, 72nd New York Infantry and includes entries from January through July. Early entries detail camp life, war news, and in particular, playing baseball and boxing, an inspection by Lincoln, and camp rumors (from March…

This is a 50-page scrapbook compiled by Herbert E. Valentine with newspaper clippings written in 1911-1912 about his regiment's war activities, photographs from a monument dedication ceremony for his regiment in New Berne, North Carolina in 1908, and…

The collection contained photocopies of genealogical research related to the Huff and Hylton families. These materials were scanned and combined into a pdf when the collection was digitized.

Indenture between Bird Smith and William Thompson, for land on the west fork of Little River in Montgomery County, VA.

Invitation to Miss Virginia T. Preston to the Grand Inauguration Ball of Zachary Taylor (U.S. President) and Millard Filmore (Vice-President), March 5, 1849.

The diary of Jacob Cohn, a soldier in Company A, 54th Pennsylvania Infantry during the Civil War. Cohn's brief entries commence with April 14, 1864 and trace his regiment's movements and battles, particularly those at New Market and Piedmont. The…
The diary of Jacob Wallace Smith, a Union sharpshooter with the 7th Company, 1st Battalion, New York Sharpshooters, in the Northern Virginia region.The first few pages of the diary include a brief history of his enlistment. The early entries describe…

The Civil War diary of James Miles, an enlisted soldier in the 185th Regiment of the New York Infantry. The diary describes soldier life and spans from January to March 1865 until the author was killed in action. Entries include descriptions of…

Confederate soldier in the 42nd Virginia Infantry writes from Guinea Station about personal and family matters.

Confederate soldier in the 42nd Virginia Infantry writes from camp near Romney about personal and family matters, the withdrawal of Union forces from Romney and the many provisions captured by the Confederates there, the war-time prices of various…

Confederate soldier in the 42nd Virginia Infantry writes from camp near Port Republic about personal and family matters, the battles of Port Republic and Cross Keys, ammunition captured from Union troops, the death of Turner Ashby, and correspondence…
Holliday's diaries, the first covering 1 May through 8 August 1864 and the second covering 1 September 1864 through 4 July 1865, begin with the regiment's entry into Virginia's New River Valley and conclude with his return to Ohio at the conclusion…

A letter from Lee to Reverend W. H. Braddus of Lexington, Virginia, regarding Lee's check for $30.00, which he wants Braddus to accept as payment of tuition for a member of Lexington's Craig family.
Letter from Angus Ridgill to Nellie Koontz thanking her and her family for housing him as a lone soldier. Ridgill also confesses his love to Nellie and awaits an appropriate response.
Partial Letter, possibly from one Koontz brother (George or Milton) to the other

Hylton tells her husband about the birth of her daughter and about the family helping to get the corn in.

Letter regarding Lorenzo D. Hylton's gravesite in Marietta, Georgia. Certificate of Hylton's war record.
Letter from Brigadier Cambell to a doctor in Lacy Spring requesting information regarding papers given to a soldier.
Letter from Catlett Conway to his brother, Willy, discussing the declining health of "Pa"; detailing a visit from John Conway and his son Kent; Catlett's new job in the coal business with Charles H. Page; and the current political climate, mentioning…
Letter from Catlett Conway to his brother Henry, in which Catlett indicates that he has enclosed a letter from John Conway to himself concerning their father's will and the division of the estate; also includes details of Catlett's health, lonely…
Letter from Catlett Conway to Willie, recounting his visits with family members in Washington D. C. and Charlottesville.
Letter from Catlett Conway to Willie, describing his life and health in Philadelphia with his daughter Mary Wallace, and speculating on the state of the country post-Civil War.
Letter from Catlett Conway to Willie, reporting on the coming of spring and expressing surprise that Willie is making his annual trip to Blacksburg so early
Letter from Catlett Conway to Willie, discussing the possibility of a Conway family reunion and recounting a chapter meeting of UVA alumni at which he was a special guest of honor for being the oldest living member.
Letter from Catlett Conway to Willie, describing his Christmas in Philadelphia, reflecting on the severity of past winters, and commenting on President Wilson and the hope that the United States will succeed despite German strength.
Letter from Catlett Conway to Willie, thanking him for sending a genealogy of the Conway family and sharing that the Daughters of the Confederacy have asked him to write a paper on a "war subject" to share at a meeting.
Letter from Catlett Conway to Willie, reporting on the death of Sister Nellie on March 6, 1912 and noting that she was buried next to her husband Catlett and son Henry in Hanover County.
Letter from Catlett Conway to Willie, describing his health troubles and contesting some accounts of the Civil War that he read by relaying his own experiences and opinions.
Letter from Catlett Conway to Willie, expressing Southern displeasure with "forced reconstruction" and the perceived negative effects of the "free negro."
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