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A framed certificate attesting that the accompanying United States flag was flown onboard the U.S.S. Constitution, "Old Ironsides," the oldest ship in…

Letter of condolence from Michael E. Eyster, Interim Vice President for Student Affairs, University of Oregon, to Virginia Tech President Charles W.…

Four views of a paper chain made by students at Kalamazoo College, in Kalamazoo, Michigan, as a gesture "to bring some comfort to the Virginia Tech…

Letter of condolence from Michelle Swonder, Theatre Arts, Kalamazoo College (on behalf of the college) to Virginia Tech President Charles W. Steger.

Quilt made by Erin Roll and Jeanne Roll; donated to the Cook Counseling Center shortly after the events of April 16, 2007.
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Quilt made by Melissa Steven Quilter; donated to the Cook Counseling Center shortly after the events of April 16 2007.

Canvas painting of dragonflies by Rebecca M. Cunningham also known as Rebecca M. Ronesi; previously on display at the Office of Recovery and…

Handmade card and poem titled "A Child Loaned" from the female inmates of Cambridge Springs Prison.

Metal angel made by Shawn Roberge with accompanying letter.

Three copies of the same letter, one photograph of the high school students, one hanger for the cranes, and 1000 handmade paper cranes.

One oversized kite of Compassion with a letter from Theological School Korean Caucus. Previously on display in Squires Multicultural Center.

One memory book with photographs, letters, and dedication of tree planting from Baker University.
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Virginia Tech shirt is signed by the University of Oregon's classes of 1994 and 1997

One white t-shirt with signatures and a note sent for the one-year anniversary.

One sample yarn lei of 64 left at the memorial from a Hawaiian woman (H00013) and one crocheted gold and brown yarn lei (H00333).

American Flag Flown onboard the U.S.S. Constitution

American flag flown over U. S. Capitol at request of Hon. Virgil H. Goode, Jr., who was asked to do so by William Davis
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One painted plywood display with law enforcement badges attached

One handcrafted prayer flag with decorated squares sewn

About 46 decorated dragonflies strung on white ribbon. Items done at “Expressions of Remembrance”
session at Squires Student Center led by Rebecca…

Hand bound book of condolences with natural stick and leaf binding and handmade paper
L Johns.png

Lonnie Johns was born and raised in Roanoke, Virginia with close ties to Virginia Tech. Although he was drawn to other schools, his mother receiving a…
Calvin Jamison.png

Dr. Calvin D. Jamison grew up knowing he was going to attend college, the only question was where? He was born and raised in Martinsville, Virginia…
J Owen.PNG

John Owen was born in Lynchburg, VA to a military family. From his father's work, he moved to California, Greece, Alexandria, VA, and France during…
Bertram Kinzey.png

Bertram Kinzey, Jr. arrived in Blacksburg as an architectural engineering student in 1940. While living in Richmond, Kinzey enrolled in the…
T King Jr.jpg

Theodore King, Jr. grew up on a farm in Lunenburg County, Virginia. While in high school, King was recruited by many colleges, including Virginia…
B Robertson.jpg

James "Bud" Robertson was born and raised in Danville, Virginia. There was a railroad close to his house, which led him to become interested in them…
James Boone.PNG

James Boone, born July 25th, 1915 is among the earliest Virginia Polytechnic students to be interviewed for VT Stories. He grew up in Holland and…
George Fox.PNG

George Fox, born in Charleston, West Virginia, grew up in a Virginia Tech household. His father from Virginia Polytechnic Institute for industrial…
Frank Nolen.jpeg

Frank Nolen grew up in Macon County, North Carolina, raised with school in mind. In high school, he decided to attend North Carolina State College,…
J and B Slaughter.png

Judy Swecker Slaughter was born into a Virginia Tech family as her father graduated class of 1935. Growing up in Woodstock, Virginia, she had decided…
First Af Am Women.png

Marguerite Laurette Harper Scott, also known as Chick, grew up in Norfolk, Virginia in a family of Virginia State graduates. Although she intended on…
J Kise.PNG

Jack Kise was born in New Haven, Connecticut and moved around several times before landing in Portsmouth, Virginia where he spent most of his school…

Campus view of VPI development plan, printed in 1927.

A book describing the history of Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College, including its formation as a land grant university and its proposed…

A map of the Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College campus.

Panoramic map of VPI campus with buildings numbered and labeled.

Digital invitation for the time capsule sealing event, created for the Virginia Tech Sesquicentennial (150 year) celebration in 2022.

Live, unplugged, version of a song written and performed by Nicolle Freni in response to the April 16, 2007 shootings at Virginia Tech.

Letter of condolence from the Student Council Association, Williamsburg Middle School to Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund, Virginia Tech.

Williamsburg Middle School video tribute created in response to the April 16, 2007 shootings at Virginia Tech.

Video of candlelight vigil held by the University of Texas at Austin in response to the April 16, 2007 shootings at Virginia Tech.

Lyrics from the song "Nothing Goes Unnoticed" by Kevin P. Turner which was performed by the University of Alabama at Birmingham gospel choir in…

Letter of condolence from UAB Gospel Choir to Virginia Tech.

Memorial Tribute to Virginia Tech by the University of Alabama at Birmingham Gospel Choir created in response to the April 16, 2007 shootings at…

Film by Ben Tarquino documenting the condolence items received in response to the April 16, 2007 shootings at Virginia Tech.

Letter of condolence from Dustin Berry and Nicole Aguilar to Virginia Tech.

Savannah College of Art and Design tribute video created in response to the April 16, 2007 shootings at Virginia Tech.

Letter of condolence from Philadelphia University President James P. Gallagher to Virginia Tech President Charles W. Steger, Jr.
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