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PDF version of the interactive timeline in the 125th Anniversary digital exhibit. This version was made from the original site and developed for ease…

List of students attending VAMC in 1872-1873, including name and home county

V.A.M.C. Football Team, 1892. The first "Tech" Football Team. Coached and Managed by Prof. E.A. Smyth, Jr. Back row (l to r): Minor, William Howe;…

V.A.M.C. Football Team, 1893. Back: Friend, Charles Thomas; Robinson, John William; Martin, Tarpley Douglas; Bond, Frank Eugene; (l to r). Front:…

Born Dec. 23, 1928, in Pritchard, West Virginia. Received bachelor’s degree at West Virginia University, 1951; master’s in 1960 and Ph. D. in…

Born Nov. 20, 1930, in Geneseo, New York. Received associate degree, State University of New York-Morrisville, 1950; bachelor's degree from Michigan…

Born June 16, 1947, in Richmond, Va. Received a professional bachelor of architecture degree in 1970, master of architecture in 1971, and Ph.D. in…

Born Oct. 13, 1931, in Staten Island, N.Y. Received B.S. in industrial engineering from LeHigh University in 1953, M.S. in industrial engineering from…

This item includes pdfs of biographies of university presidents, captured from the original anniversary website. Most biographies were compiled from

Born July 20, 1895, in Woodstock Virginia, son of WaIter Hickman and Sallie Bird Stephenson Newman. Attended Shenandoah County schools. Received A.B.…

Born Dec. 3, 1835, in Hanover County. Received M.A. from University of Virginia (UVa), 1858, and later received an L.L.D. After graduating from UVa,…

Born Jan. 1, 1841, in Abbeville, South Carolina, of Scotch immigrant parents. Entered sophomore class at South Carolina College in 1858 at the age of…

Born Nov. 4, 1835, in Newport, Rhode Island. Received B.S. from U.S. Military Academy, West Point, New York, in 1856. Was fellow officer with J. E. B.…

Born Jan. 13, 1886, near Charlotte Court House, Virginia. Received B.S. from VPI in 1909, honorary D.Sci. from Clemson in 1937, and honorary D.Agric.…

Photograph of T. Marshall Hahn, Jr., with a pdf of his inaugural address given in 1963. The address was capture from the original 125th anniversary…

Born Nov. 13, 1867, in Prince Edward County, Virginia. Attended Prince Edward Academy and Hampden-Sydney College, where he received the A.B. in 1886…

Born Aug. 1, 1837, at Fairfax Courthouse, Virginia. Received 1857, A.M. in 1860, and M.Sc. in 1890, all from Dickinson College, Carlisle,…

Born Aug. 16, 1876, in Richmond, son of Woodson Cheadle and Cora Emmett McDowell Burruss. Entered VAMC in fall 1894 and received B.S. in civil…

Born June 19, 1831, in Rich Valley, Smyth County, Virginia. Received an A.B. in 1856 and an M.A. in 1860, both from Emory and Henry College. Latin…

Born Feb. 13, 1857, in Concord, North Carolina, son of Confederate Gen. Rufus Barringer and grandson of Gen. Paul B. Barringer, leader in War of 1812.…

Anonymous handwritten note that says "Peace" with peace sign drawing, undated

Photograph of silver Hokie Bird in front of 32 VT flags planted in the grass

Red, handwritten sympathy card with an anonymous group posing in VT colors and handwritten comments on the inside. The front page includes the…

Photograph of adults wearing VT colors, some are wearing orange hardhats, undated

Anonymous photograph of a group of children and adults in VT colors and holding a VT banner, undated

Photograph of parking lot wall with VT shirts hung on it and taped picture of one of the April 16, 2007 victims and taped picture of the flag of…

Anonymous photograph of group of seven students wearing VT colors releasing white balloons in front of a building, undated

Photograph of handmade poster banner that says "In Memory of Virginia Tech Hokies", undated

Photograph of parking lot with VT jerseys and shirts hung from the top and tied white balloons, undated

Photograph of parking lot with VT jerseys and shirts hung from the top of the parking lot, undated

Photograph of balloons being released into the sky near a tree and building, undated

Photograph of balloons being released into the sky near a clock tower, undated

Anonymous photograph of military group [probably Air Force of Air Force National Guard] posing in the VT shape, undated

Photograph of a driveway with Hokie Bird prints going up and a black mourning ribbon under the VT symbol, undated
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