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Newspaper article, "Administrative Work at Tech Ordered Reorganized by Board: Visitors Create Committees to Deal with Pressing Problems," by Horace…

This is the pdf of an essay, "Confederates in the Collegium: The Influence of J.E.B. Stuart's Leadership on the Development of Virginia Tech," by…

A typewritten eulogy for the 32 victims, April 24, 2007, by anonymous writer, and "The Mourner's Kaddish" along with the names of the 32 victims

Newspaper article, "Four Women on Boards of Leading Virginia Colleges: Two Will Serve at University of Virginia and Two at Virginia Tech," by Virginia…

Memoir by Stevenson W. and Margaret R. Fletcher about their lives from 1908-1914, including living at Solitude, the birth of several of their…

Newspaper article, "Women on College Board Full-Fledged Members: Attend First Meeting with Group Consistently Male for 72 years," by Virginia Waller…

The second volume of the Tin Horn, the yearbook for and by the female students at Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Early women students at Virginia…

The third volume of the Tin Horn, the yearbook for and by the female students at Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Early women students at Virginia…

The 1959 Commencement Film depicts part of the 1959 graduation and commissioning ceremony.

Poster that says, "32 hearts 32 people 32 lives" and includes 31 cut-out hearts.

This text is taken from the 1929 Tin Horn, the women's yearbook, including a description of a life for women students on campus. This pdf document was…

Dining hall tent card produced by the AIDS Education Committee advertising the upcoming AIDS Education Forum.

Dining hall tent cards produced by the AIDS Education Committee promoting AIDS awareness and education.

This is the text of a speech about the history of women on campus, given by Laura Jane Harper at the Founder's Day celebration in 1980. Harper was the…

Chronology of events leading up to the AIDS Education Forum held at Virginia Tech on March 1, 1986.

AIDS Education Committee objectives, composed by Lucretia Cavan, Graduate Intern and Mark Weber, Lambda Horizon President, to help obtain support and…
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