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Campus view of VPI development plan, printed in 1927.

These clippings from "Locomotive Lady" by Robert M. Hyatt, Boston Herald-Tribune, contain a story about Carmen Venegas, VPI's first international woman graduate. The text and images depict her working on a railroad and other engineering duties, April…

Cover page of the dissertation by Monica L. Chang for a Doctorate of Philosophy in Statistics. Chang is the first known Asian American woman to earn a doctorate from Virginia Tech, March 1, 1967.

Portion of front page of The Virginia Tech, Vol. 60, No. 4, December 6, 1963, which reports on Virginia Tech's football victory over the Virginia Military Institute.

Newspaper article reporting on the aquisition of urainium for the nuclear reactor at Virginia Tech, July 1, 1956

Newspaper article reporting on Virginia Tech's aquisition of a nuclear reactor simualtor for instruction, Janurary 1, 1956

Newspaper article reporting on legislation to merge Virginia Polytechnic Institute and the State Teachers' College at Radford, Feburary 15, 1944.

Photograph of Owens Hall, December 1952.

Photograph of Holden Hall in 1968.

Photograph of Femoyer Hall in 1968

Article and photograph of the appointment of Dr. Laura Jane Harper as Dean of Home Econcomics for Virginia Tech and Radford University, from the Blacksburg Virginian, August 18, 1960.

150th_086b. AgEd Bldg.jpg
This photo depicts the Agricultural Building at Virginia Polytechnic Institute.

150th_077. TheRock.jpg
This photo depicts the World War I memorial, also known as "The Rock", that is on campus. This memorial was first unveiled in July 1919 just before the commencement ceremonies.

150th_065. Owens Sears Meade Freeman Mays v2.jpg
This composite photo depicts Charles Owens, John Sears, Floyd Meade, Alonzo Freeman, and Preston Mays. These men were some of the first African American that were connected to the University.

This photo depicts the seal of Virginia Polytechnic Institute after the University's name was changed in 1944.

This song was written by Cadet Charles Steinwedel after the Gobbles upset Georgetown in football in 1942.

This song was written by Cadet Charles Steinwedel after the Gobbles upset Georgetown in football in 1942.

These clippings discuss Virginia Polytechnic Institute's name change to Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

This photo depicts Thomas Hall shortly after it was built. Thomas hall was a dormitory that was named after Medal of Honor recipient, Herbert Thomas.

This photo depicts the swimming team in 1970 after the sport was made the first intercollegiate competitive sport for women.

This flier depicts the logo for the Virginia Sea Grant Program at Virginia Tech.

This photo depicts five unidentified women in an office at the first Northern Virginia Graduate Center in Reston, Virginia.

This photo depicts one of the trailer courts that was set-up following World War II to accommodate for the growing number of students at the University.

In this photo, Seymour Robb, University Librarian (left) talks with Walter S. Newman, President of VPI (right) in Newman Library during construction. The library was completed in 1955.

This photo depicts the construction of the east stands in Lane Stadium.

This photo depicts Hutcheson Hall as it was in 1968.

Starting in 1955, women were officially allowed to join the cheerleading team. This photo depicts the cheer team in 1966.

This photo depicts the V. P. I. cheer team in 1947, prior to women being allowed to join.

This photo depicts the dedication ceremony of War Memorial Chapel.

This photo depicts the hangar at the VPI Airpot which was opened in 1931.

This photo depicts the first continuosly-used mascot costume for the Gobbler.

This photo depicts several men working with the campus reactor in the 1950s.

Sarah J. Wade grew up in Accomack County Virginia, and she moved to Blacksburg, Virginia when she was fourteen years old in search of domestic work opportunities. She married Thomas C. Wade, and they raised their family in Blacksburg. Their son,…

Reverend Dr. Ellison Adger Smyth was born and raised in Blacksburg, Virginia. He attended Blacksburg schools, and he graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute in 1925 with a degree in electrical engineering before answering the call to ministry.…

Homer C. Sherman was born and raised in Wake Forest, Virginia. Sherman attended a local, one-room school until the eighth grade. After primary school, Homer Sherman went to work in the mines with his father. Lack of work opportunities in the…

Christine Paige Price was born in Giles County Virginia on July 21, 1915. Her family moved to the Blacksburg area when Price was young in search of better educational opportunities for Christine and her siblings. Price and her family--the Paige…

Rector: Harvey Black, M.D. Ex-Officio: His Excellency, G. C. Walker, Governor of Virginia; Hon. J. C. Taylor, Attorney General; Rev. W. H. Ruffner, D. D., Sup't of Public Instruction; Gen. W. H. F. Lee, President State Agricultural Society. Appointed…

Rector: Honorable James C. Taylor. Ex-Officio: Honorable R. R. Farr,Superintendent Public Instruction. General Members: Andrew Broaddus, Esq., Page; W. E. Hubbard, Esq., Buckingham; Dr. L. A. Slater, New Kent; Honorable J. C. Taylor, Montgomery;…

Rector: J. Hoge Tyler, Belle Hampton, Pulaski Co. (Term expires January 1st, 1892.) Ex-Officio: Dr. John L. Buchanan, Superintendent Public Instruction, Richmond. General Members Honorable Waller R. Staples, Christiansburg; C. E. Vawter, Esq.,…

Members of the V.P.I. board of visitors, which met yesterday in a called session to draw up resolutions in an effort to correct certain conditions at the college, are pictured here together with Governor Colgate W. Darden, Jr., who met with the…

The Virginia Tech Board of Visitors met at Blacksburg yesterday for its annual meeting. Shown (left to right, front row): Mrs. H. H. Walton, Fredericks Hall; Miss Mary Fred Claytor, Bedford; Mrs. R. L. McConnell, Radford; Mrs. Turner A. Gilmer,…

Front row ( left to right): James F. Tucker, W. E. Lavery, Parke C. Binkley (rector), Margie W. Thomas (secretary), Charles W. Rector. Back row (left to right): Charles Gordon (vice-rector), Lee C. Tait, William C. Wampler, Mrs. Edsel H. Lester, Ms.…

Seated (left to right): Mary Fray, Rhea F. Moore, Jr., William E. Lavery (President), Alexander F. Giacco (Rector), Thomas B. Long, Jr., G. Truman Ward. Standing (left to right): Mary Howe diZerega, Daniel T. Goulson (student), William C. Cranwell,…

Seated (left to right): Mary Virginia Jones, Robert B. Claytor, W.S. "Pete" White, Jr. (Rector), William E. Lavery (President), Mary Fray. Standing (left to right): Robert J. Gray, Jr., William C. Latham, William G. Broaddus, Bernard L. McGinnis,…

Front Row (left to right): Gary Long - Faculty Representative, Sandra Stiner Lowe, John R. Lawson II - Rector, Charles W. Steger - President, George Nolen - Vice Rector, Michele L. Duke. Middle Row (left to right): Kristina Hartman - Undergraduate…

Front row (left to right): Cecil R. Maxson, Jr.; T. Rodman Layman; Susan Phillips Bari; Joseph R. Jenkins - Vice Rector; James E. Turner, Jr. - Rector; Paul E. Torgersen - President; Linda J. Pedigo; Roxene Thompson - Graduate Student Representative;…

Compiled list of rectors of the Board of Visitors from 1872 to 2017. The individual links to rector biographies were removed from the document in 2020 when the exhibit was migrated, and a link was added to current site for the Board of Visitors…

Photograph of Harry C. Wyatt, rector of the Board of Visitors, 1964-1970

Photograph of William E. Wine, rector of the Board of Visitors, 1948-1952
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