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Members of the V.P.I. board of visitors, which met yesterday in a called session to draw up resolutions in an effort to correct certain conditions at…

This newsletter descibes several different programs that the aeronautics department was offering in Aircraft Mechanics.

This newspaper clipping shows a photograph of the Virginia Tech Board of Vistors. R. L. McConnell, C. A. Boatwright, H. H. Walton, and Dr. M. P.…

Newspaper article reporting on legislation to merge Virginia Polytechnic Institute and the State Teachers' College at Radford, Feburary 15, 1944.

This is the text from a June 21, 1944, Radford News Journal article the merger with Radford and moving women students to the Radford campus. This pdf…

This is the text from a 1944 Roanoke Times article on the merger with Radford and the housing issues for women. This pdf document was created from an…

Newspaper article, "Women on College Board Full-Fledged Members: Attend First Meeting with Group Consistently Male for 72 years," by Virginia Waller…

Newspaper article, "Four Women on Boards of Leading Virginia Colleges: Two Will Serve at University of Virginia and Two at Virginia Tech," by Virginia…

The Board of Visitors of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute who on Tuesday, June 27, assumed the administrative control of the Radford College which…

This newspaper article discusses funding for V. P. I. that was approved by the Federal Works Administration. The funding was for the construction of…

These clippings from "Locomotive Lady" by Robert M. Hyatt, Boston Herald-Tribune, contain a story about Carmen Venegas, VPI's first international…

This photo depicts the V. P. I. cheer team in 1947, prior to women being allowed to join.

Ella Agnew and Maude Wallace were home demonstration agents for Virginia Cooperative Extension and Mrs. Mary Moore Davis served as professor of the…

Portrait of Yvonne Rohran Tung from the 1950 Bugle

This newspaper article discusses the opening of a new dormitory at Virginia Tech. This dormitory was named after Lieutenant James Monteith, who was a…

Photograph of Owens Hall, December 1952.

This newspaper article describes the fire that broke out in the old library in 1953. Nothing was destoryed since all library materials had been moved…

The Virginia Tech Board of Visitors met at Blacksburg yesterday for its annual meeting. Shown (left to right, front row): Mrs. H. H. Walton,…

Newspaper article reporting on Virginia Tech's aquisition of a nuclear reactor simualtor for instruction, Janurary 1, 1956

Newspaper article reporting on the aquisition of urainium for the nuclear reactor at Virginia Tech, July 1, 1956

The 1959 Commencement Film depicts part of the 1959 graduation and commissioning ceremony.

This newspaper clipping shows a photo of the construction of a new Physics building that would house the Argonaut Critical Reactor.

This newspaper article from The Roanoke Times is the first mention if the Association of Chinese Students. The article discusses the gift of some…

This photo depicts the dedication ceremony of War Memorial Chapel.

Article and photograph of the appointment of Dr. Laura Jane Harper as Dean of Home Econcomics for Virginia Tech and Radford University, from the…

Portion of front page of The Virginia Tech, Vol. 60, No. 4, December 6, 1963, which reports on Virginia Tech's football victory over the Virginia…

Photograph of T. Marshall Hahn, Jr., with a pdf of his inaugural address given in 1963. The address was captured from the original 125th anniversary…

Beginning with the 1964-1965 academic year, VPI reorganized its schools into six colleges: the College of Engineering, College of Architecture,…

This map shows what Virginia Tech's campus looked like in 1964.

Newspaper article reporting President Hahn's letter announcing the end of compulsory participation in the Corps of Cadets, June 1, 1964.

This is the text of a 1964 article for the Roanoke Times by Fred Loeffler about the rise in enrollment of women students and the development of more…

Untitled inspirational speech aimed at students within the geology program.

Starting in 1955, women were officially allowed to join the cheerleading team. This photo depicts the cheer team in 1966.

This peice of correspondence was sent to the members of the Association of Chinese Students to remind them about the upcoming "Chinese Night".

Cover page of the dissertation by Monica L. Chang for a Doctorate of Philosophy in Statistics. Chang is the first known Asian American woman to earn a…

Photo of Linda Adams, the first African American woman to graduate from Virginia Tech, from the 1968 Bugle

This photo depicts Hutcheson Hall as it was in 1968.

Photograph of Femoyer Hall in 1968

Photograph of Holden Hall in 1968.

Views of academic and recreational activities at Virginia Tech and the surrounding countryside.

This is the text of an article by Lucy Lee Lancaster for the Centennial Edition of the New Messenger (December 31, 1969) about the admission of women…

This article for the Autumn 1970 issue of Context includes two short memoirs, one from W. P. Tams, Jr. (Class of 1902), and J. Ambler Johnston (Class…

This photo depicts the swimming team in 1970 after the sport was made the first intercollegiate competitive sport for women.

These clippings discuss Virginia Polytechnic Institute's name change to Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Photograph of students at the cenotaph, 1972.

History of the members of the Board of Visitors with a link to the lists. The link in the pdf was updated in 2020 to current site for the Board of…
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