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The Travel Itinerary of Michael Collins and his wife for their trip to Fiji and Texas.
Miscellaneous administrative records and ephemera from CPRW Inc.
Management Model for "Human Factors Engineering in Research, Development and Acquisitions". From the Department of the Army.
Page listing the rules for a PRDA related submission process.

A Report from the Department of Health, Education and Welfare on homosexuality, dated October 10, 1969. This report was given to Vice President William McKeefery and included in a file with documentation regarding the decision to accept or reject the…

Handwritten list of names and dues paid at Tadmore Light Lodge #6184, Blacksburg Va.

Meeting minutes for Grand United Order of Odd Fellows, Tadmore Light Lodge #6187, Blacksburg [Virginia]

Completed membership application, signed by Plymouth Christian, for Tadmore Light Lodge #6189, Blacksburg [Virginia].

Loan agreement for $38.50 from Bank of Blacksburg to Tadmore Light Lodge #6189.

Notebook of handwritten meeting minutes for Tadmore Light Lodge #6184, including some ephemera between pages.

Notebook of handwritten dues records for Tadmore Light Lodge #6184, including some ephemera between pages.

Extract of the Biennial Report of A.T. Shirley District Grand Secretary of District Grand Lodge including financial reports.

Receipt for Odd Fellows Journal subscription stamped "PAID".

Completed Applicant's Agreement for Tadmore Light Lodge #6184. Signed by John H. Green, Taylor Smith, William Green, J.C. Wade, and Floyd Meade.

Report from the office of A.T. Shirley, District Grand Secretary on the state of the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows State of Virginia.

Printed booklet listing membership questions and handwritten answers for the Household of Ruth, the women's organization for the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows. Answers include names, signatures, birth location, age, etc.

Handwritten financial record for Household of Ruth in Blacksburg, Va

A statement by Alfred H. Krebs, Vice President for Special Projects, on the rationale for rejecting the approval of the Gay Student Alliance as an official Virginia Tech student group, written on May 5, 1976.

Lambda Horizon request for a small grant to help fund an AIDS Education Forum.

A Lambda Horizon request to the Student Budget Board for funds to move and maintain a phone line for the organization.

A Lambda Horizon request to the Student Budget Board for a small grant to help fund the 3rd Annual Gay Awareness Week.

Transparency with Lambda Horizon's four organization objectives listed.

Edited draft of a proposal and letter to Dr. Sandra M. Sullivan, Vice President of Student Affairs, regarding the creaqtion of a staff position for Gay Student Concerns at Virginia Tech.

A letter from Vice President William McKeefery to Robert Frye, President of the Gay Student Alliance, dated July 22, 1971, in response to Frye's letter to the Dean for Student Programs, dated June 30, regarding the decision not to recognize the Gay…

Notice of Change in Train Service Narrows, VA, Branch, Radford Divisiion

Train Order No. 62, Norfolk and Western Railway Company, Glade Spring, Virginia

This document includes various handwritten notes about the operations at Piedmont Sanatorium. It also talks about people employed there, and nurses from the nursing program. The document is undated, but likely dates to the 1960s.

This 1949 document has general administrative data and numbers about Piedmont Sanatorium operations. It also discusses in-patient, out-patient outreach and patients discharge.

A letter from Gay Student Alliance president Robert A. Frye to Martha Harder, Dean for Student Programs, regarding the University Council decision to not recognize the Gay Alliance as an official student organization, dated June 30, 1971. This…

A memo sent to all departments notifying them that the Fries Mill would shut down knitting operations.

This document details and describes the different drugs prescribed to patients at Piedmont Sanatorium, written by Charles W. Scott, M.D., superintendent and medical director, and revised on May 15th, 1963.

This May 16, 1955 document is a report about Piedmont Sanatorium to the board. It discusses the personnel, patients, farm, and finance of the institution during the year.

First page of President Eggleston's final report to the Board of Visitors, reporting changes to the school and his resignation, July 1, 1919.

University Council document outlining policy on harrassment, discriminiation, and sexual assault, August 31, 2021.

Memorandum from Executive Assistant to the President and General Council Walter H. Ryland to University President Dr. T. Marshall Hahn, Jr. regarding the Gay Student Alliance, dated June 9, 1971. Included is statement written by Ryland to president…

A page from a mill ledger tracking maintenance work done on the mill-owned houses in Fries, Va.

Two facing pages from a mill ledger recording early mill employees and their families.

Two facing pages from a mill ledger recording the hours worked by individual employees.

A page from a mill ledger recording employee contributions to the Baptist Church in Fries, which they could have deducted from their paychecks.

A page from a mill ledger recording employee contributions to the Baptist Church in Fries, which they could have deducted from their paychecks.

Two facing pages from a mill ledger recording mill employees and their families.

Fundraising sign up sheet for a "Bowling for Bus Shelters" sponsored by Lambda Horizon.

Chronology of events leading up to the AIDS Education Forum held at Virginia Tech on March 1, 1986.

Handout for "Education on a Shoestring." a funding and program guide for creating an AIDS Education Program on a college campus.

Paper detailing possible publicity campoaign options for Lambda Horizon.
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