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Hylton talks about what he heard about the battle at Richmond.

Addressed to Mrs. Barbara Hylton of Floyd Co., VA.

Letter regarding Lorenzo D. Hylton's gravesite in Marietta, Georgia. Certificate of Hylton's war record.

Huff asks her sister for news of her health and tells her about a baby who died recently after falling ill. *on back of letter - another letter from…

Huff tells her sister that misfortune has made her move to another place in Putnam County.

Hubbard tells her sister that they've both lost their companions and talks about moving on with the children.

Note telling the recipient that they will be receiving a lock of hair.

Isa Hylton writes to Barbara regarding Lorenzo Hylton's death.

Slusher informs Barbara Hylton of the death of her husband, Lorenzo.

Hylton updates his wife on his recovery since his injury.

Lorenzo Hylton tells Burwell Hylton to tell his wife that he has sent a picture to her and to look for it at Uncle Bryant's.

Near Petersburg, Hylton tells his wife about the camp and getting his picture taken to send to her.

Hylton tells his wife that he is going to start marching from Kentucky to Virginia soon. He also instructs her to sell the cows at home.

Hylton talks about traveling from Abingdon, VA to Saltville, VA and about where they are going next.

Hylton tells her husband about the birth of her daughter and about the family helping to get the corn in.

Weddle informs Samuel Huff of his welfare after his trip and what he saw while he traveled.

Candler talks about his brother's upcoming sea voyage to the West Indies and Europe.

Candler talks about war news, the aftermath in Fredericksburg, and Burnside.

Candler tells his brother about war news including McClellan's actions and what the Army is going to do with him.

Candler talks about his family and his brother's duty to take care of them instead of joining the Army.

Candler details recent days including camp conditions, weather, and skirmishing.

Candler details the most recent fight and the work at the Office of Provost Marshall.

Candler tells his brother about the war around him, including the constant bombardment of shells. He talks about the men preparing for another fight…

Candler tells his brother about being released from command of Company C, much to the dismay of the men. He discusses why he doesn't plan to accept…

Candler tells his brother that he's received orders to move, so he will miss his visit. He has been offered the promotion to Captain.

Candler tells his uncle about the march and the skirmishing that he's been through.

Candler tells his uncle that he's about to embark on a secret move in Maryland.

Candler tells his uncle that he's about to embark on a secret move in Maryland.

Candler tells his uncle that he's about to embark on a secret move in Maryland.

Duncan talks about a murder in Giles and the aftermath of the murderer's arrest. He talks about his religious views and comments on Biblical…

Duncan talks about the weather, its affect on the crops, and about the immoral conduct of his uncle.

Threves talks about her family and where they all live. She also talks about the presidents election.

Duncan tells his uncle and relatives about his travels from his cousin's house and back to home as well as his health and welfare.

Duncan talks about his religious views and comments on Biblical scriptures.

Candler tells his uncle that he's about to embark on a secret move in Maryland.

Candler tells his uncle that he's about to embark on a secret move in Maryland.

This receipt verifies that the account is correct for seven hundred pounds of hay.

Carpenter tells his sister about the war including attacks near Lynchburg and Confederate prisoners held by the Union soldiers.

Carpenter tells his sister about himself and his siblings with him as they arrived to camp near the Salt Works.

Carpenter talks about preparing for a march towards Charleston and details the fighting near White Sulphur that he took part in.
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