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  • Collection: Southwest Virginia Counties Collection (Ms2000-092)

Notebook belonging to John Bralley, where he practiced arithmetic (1815-1816). The latter parts of the book contain store accounts from 1832-1846.…
Ms2000-092_F15_Weaving Patterns_Taylor_nd.jpg

Undated weaving pattern made by Susan Taylor.
Ms2000-092_F15_Weaving Patterns_Stuart_nd.jpg

Undated weaving pattern, labeled with both Miss [Mary] Jane Trevey and John B. Stuart.
Ms2000-092_F15_Weaving Patterns_Misc_nd.jpg

Unlabeled and undated weaving patterns.
Ms2000-092_F15_Weaving Patterns_Fast Thred_nd.jpg

Fast thread pattern for the back shaft of a loom.
Ms2000-092_F15_Weaving Patterns_1860_1115.jpg

Sinkin Creek Beauty pattern, made by Mary Jane Trevey.
Ms2000-092_F15_Weaving Patterns_1841_0308.jpg

Tennessee Beauty pattern, made by [Mary Jane Trevey].
Ms2000-092_F15_Weaving Patterns_1841_0305a.jpg

Weaving patterns by Mary Jane Trevey.
Ms2000-092_F15_Weaving Patterns_1841_0129.jpg

Draft for stars and squares weaving pattern for Mary Jane Trevey.
Ms2000-092_F15_Weaving Patterns_1839.jpg

Vines weaving pattern.
Ms2000-092_F15_Weaving Patterns_1839_1107.jpg

Weaving pattern for Twitted Bird Eye, made by Mary Jane Trevey.
Ms2000-092_F15_Weaving Patterns_1836_0730.jpg

Weaving pattern for stars and squares, or the Ladies' delight, by Nancy Thrasher.
Ms2000-092_F14_Notes and bills_nda.jpg

Crossed out bill; used as paper to get arithmetic solutions.
Ms2000-092_F14_Notes and bills_nd8a.jpg

List of people in arrears, presumably belonging to John Bralley.
Ms2000-092_F14_Notes and bills_nd7a.jpg

Constitution of the Cripple Creek Bible Society.
Ms2000-092_F14_Notes and bills_nd6a.jpg

Account sheet of John Bralley.
Ms2000-092_F14_Notes and bills_nd5a.jpg

Drafts of a promise to pay Mitchell C. Brawley an unspecified sum.
Ms2000-092_F14_Notes and bills_nd4a.jpg

undated bill for an unknown person.
Ms2000-092_F14_Notes and bills_nd3a.jpg

Sheet of paper containing the repeated phrase "Commandments ten god gave to men."
Ms2000-092_F14_Notes and bills_nd2a.jpg

Undated bill for [Thomas].
Ms2000-092_F14_Notes and bills_nd1.jpg

Note stating that James Brooks has paid his debt in full. Note also contains pig-pen cipher that says 'Wythe County Va. Oct. 2, 1816." It is unclear…
Ms2000-092_F14_Notes and bills_1861_0427a.jpg

List of bills owed and services done for Alexander Pierce by S.C. Bralley, beginning in 1859.
Ms2000-092_F14_Notes and bills_1855_0218a.jpg

List of bills owed and purchases made.
Ms2000-092_F14_Notes and bills_1854_1030a.jpg

Bill for Robert Lewis, beginning on October 30th in 1854.
Ms2000-092_F14_Notes and bills_1849_03a.jpg

Bill for Edmond W. Lockette, beginning in March of 1844.
Ms2000-092_F14_Notes and bills_1848_0825a.jpg

Sheet of calculations.
Ms2000-092_F14_Notes and bills_1847_1011a.jpg

John Bralley is to work for Isaac Williams, surveyor of the road.
Ms2000-092_F14_Notes and bills_1846_11a.jpg

Bill for George Riggle for November of 1846.
Ms2000-092_F14_Notes and bills_1844_1202a.jpg

Note to George Kincannon by James K. Polk and Henry Clay.
Ms2000-092_F14_Notes and bills_1838a.jpg

Record of services rendered and goods bought or sold.
Ms2000-092_F13_Notes and bills_nd.jpg

Record of purchases made by William H. Young.
Ms2000-092_F13_Notes and bills_1871_001.jpg

Record of what William H. Young owes to J. Fisher.
Ms2000-092_F13_Notes and bills_1861_001.jpg

Bill from Waskey [?] to William H. Young.
Ms2000-092_F13_Notes and bills_1858_0323.jpg

Bill of work done for William Young. Paid in cash on 1/12/1859.
Ms2000-092_F07_Notes and bills_1855_003.jpg

Note for Susan Trevey to pay a sum of money to the Botetourt Sheriff.
Ms2000-092_F13_Notes and bills_1850_0216a.jpg

Note requesting the company of Samuel [Trevey] Young at Senator Andrew McCartney's residence.
Ms2000-092_F13_Notes and bills_1845_0301.jpg

Note of William Young in account with William J. Reid.
Ms2000-092_F07_Notes and bills_nd2.jpg

Account of Susan Trevey.
Ms2000-092_F07_Notes and bills_1855_002.jpg

Note for Demaris Trevey to pay a sum of money to the Botetourt Sheriff.
Ms2000-092_F07_Notes and bills_1855_001.jpg

Note for Susan Trevey to pay a sum of money to the Botetourt Sheriff.
Ms2000-092_F07_Notes and bills_1849_0813.jpg

Promise to pay John Trevey $40. Payment received on 8/13/1849.
Ms2000-092_F07_Notes and bills_1848_001.jpg

Account of Miss Diana Trevey from 1848 to 1850.
Ms2000-092_F07_Notes and bills_1845_0201.jpg

Receipt for Mrs. Mary Williams for goods she bought on Feb. 1, 1845.
Ms2000-092_F07_Notes and bills_1844_0517.jpg

Bill for goods [Dianna/Diana] Trevey bought from [T.] G. Godwin.
Ms2000-092_F07_Notes and bills_1844_0503.jpg

Bill for services rendered by doctor R. Schenck.
Ms2000-092_F07_Notes and bills_1831_001.jpg

Note detailed money paid or owed between John Williams and J. Trevey in the first half of 1831.
Ms2000-092_F07_Notes and bills_1824_0831a.jpg

Receipt for Mr. John Williams for goods he bought at Robert & Hazlett Kyle, Store, in Fincastle, Virginia.
Ms2000-092_F12_William H Young_letter_1869_0429a.jpg

Letter from John Evans in Jonesville, Lee County, Virginia, to William H. Young.
Ms2000-092_F12_William H Young_letter_1854_0416a.jpg

Letter from John [Joseph] Trevey to William H. Young.
Ms2000-092_F12_William H Young_letter_1853_0726a.jpg

Letter from George Young to his cousin William H. Young.
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