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  • Collection: Virginia Tech April 16, 2007 Archives of the University Libraries (MS2008-020)

Poster with pictures of Norris Hall and a black VT ribbon, a poem, and the names of the 32 victims.

Poster that says "VT We Mourn With You" and includes messages and signatures from unknown institution.

Poster with orange VT and photographs of chidren with their first names and messages.

This is the cover to Karen Sexton's 2nd Grade Class Book of Condolences from Lindley Elementary School. It has a drawing of the Earth with people…

From the school's safety patrol student leaders

Anonymous sympathy card with 3D stickers on front and inside. Front of card says, “Sometimes one pivotal moment or event will bring a community…

Sympathy card contains a drawing of the HokieBird as a phoenix rising out of ashes over the date "4.16.07" next to what is presumably the artist's…

Sympathy card from the York Regional Police Dispatch Communications 'A' Platoon, Ontario, Canada, c. 2007. Card includes printed condolences and…

Card, possibly orginally from floral bouquet, that says "All love, sympathy and support. To all of us who have been effected [sic] by the tragedy /…

A sympathy card from an anonymous writer with the following quotes: “As I searched for meaning in what happened, I finally found it. I found it in…

Sympathy card with message from a member of the [Virginia Tech?] class of 1983 with ribbons and drawings.

Handwritten on the front of the card is, "I pray that the Lord Jesus chist [sic] will bless you and be kind to you[.] May God [bless?] you with his…

Star-shaped sympathy card that says "We Are thinking of You!"

Handwritten song with notation, "Prayer for Today" (oboe solo)

These six stones were left at the memorial on the Drillfield, and each is painted with the words "Hope", "Spirit", "Love", "Joy", "Peace", and Hokie…

Four views of a handcrafted sculpture of the "Duke Dog" from James Madison University

Red, handwritten sympathy card with an anonymous group posing in VT colors and handwritten comments on the inside. The front page includes the…

In September 2006 Platte Canyon High School student Emily Keyes was killed by a gunman.

Created by Acquisitions Librarian Evelyn Nieszczezwski

Prayer starting "May there be peace on Earth". The items says this is an "Ancient Indian prayer translated from Sanskrit" with a note for Virginia…

This memorial textile was presented to the University Libraries by Lumbantoruan's parents when they came to Virginia Tech to accept his degree. …
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