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  • Collection: Jimmie W. Monteith, Jr. Collection, 1933-1997 (Ms1990-062)

A letter concerning the death of Robert Monteith's sudden passing.

A letter concerning the death of Robert Monteith's sudden passing.

A letter concerning the death of Robert Monteith's sudden passing.

Carrie talks about the letters that Jimmie sent that she is forwarding to Bob. She also talks about what she has been doing, including canning.

Frances writes a love letter recalling an explosion she and Bob witnessed the previous weekend.

Frances writes a short note talking about how she has no paper.

Frances writes a love letter detailing what she's doing and how she misses him.

Bob talks about the atomic bombs dropping in Japan. He talks about having a nice dinner with his replacement's family.

Bob talks about his relief coming in to replace him. He also talks about the possibilities for his next duty assignment.

Bob explains how he will be getting home and the reason for the delay. He talks about also taking a vacation in Hawaii before coming home.

Bob talks about his plans for work when he returns home, but dreads the training at M.I.T. he is going to have to go through again.

Bob talks about his plans to get home in September. He talks about having his friend Bob Omohundro visit him.

Bob talks about creating exams for a radio technician. He also talks about getting his leave in August and what the process of getting home will be…

Bob talks about a fatal accident where they lost their first pilot. He talks about moving to Termite Village.

Bob talks about his mother's second trip to Fort McClellan. Bob also talks about the troops who fought in Europe coming to the Pacific to help the…

Bob talks about his mother's trip to Fort McClellan and her next trip for the renaming. He talks about how the war has been won in Europe. He talks…

This is a Mother's Day card. Bob apologizes for not buying his mother a present.

Bob talks about [Lt. Robert Roscoe] Cutler's death, who was good friends with Jimmie Monteith. Bob also talks about the Fort McClellan Amphitheatre…

Bob talks about getting dinner with his friend Paul. He talks about the atrocious stories he hears about Germans.

Bob talks about Jimmie Monteith and about President Roosevelt's death.

Bob talks about wishing he was home to be with his mother when she received Jimmie Monteith's Congressional Medal of Honor.

Bob talks about seeing two people from Richmond, Lt Wright and Bob Omohundro

Bob talks about today being his anniversary of a full year out of the United States. He talks about the Iwo Jima campaign.

Bob talks about his wife finding her own home to live in. He also talks about work on 24 hour operation.

Bob talks about his mother getting her car back. He talks about running problems all through the night for work.

Bob thanks his mother and Nancy for the Christmas presents.

Bob talks about how Christmas is going to be really different this year. He talks about buying a camera for himself.

Bob talks about war news of a friend's squadron in the Philippines.

Bob talks about receiving a Christmas card from Mrs Yonker in the States. He says that at work they have been taken over by NACTU (Night Air Combat…

Bob talks about trying to find Christmas presents for his mother and Nancy. Bob talks about how work has not been very busy for 10 days.

Bob talks about trying to find Christmas presents for his mother and Nancy. He talks about being offered another job, but turning it down, because he…

Bob warns Nancy not to have the cateye of the ring heated when she's getting it resized. He also talks about the victory in the Philippines.

Bob talks about enjoying his day off taking a drive along the ocean and visiting Sacred Falls.

Bob talks about the delay in sending a present for his mother and Nancy using cateyes. He talks about receiving three packages for Christmas.

Bob talks about his friend coming to visit and having dinner with him. He talks about the campaign and how he feels about it.

Bob talks about reading a letter from Mrs. Vesty [who lived across the street from his parents.] He talks about the night operations that are…

Bob talks about Frances, his wife, getting the bracelet he sent from New Caledonia.

Bob talks about finishing building a communications hut to put the radar gear in. He talks about coping with Jimmie's loss.

Bob talks about getting permanent equipment in. He talks about receiving and reading copies of Jimmies letters.

Bob talks about Frances' letter regarding their trip to the farm. He talks about finding where his friend is stationed and getting to talk with him.

Bob talks about wanting to look up where a friend is stationed when he goes into Honolulu. He talks about having a cat and washing the dishes after…

Bob talks about Frances' letter regarding their trip to the farm.

Bob talks about Jimmie and how he would like to read copies of some letters, including Jimmie's last letters.

Bob talks about news of his friend Dale Haverstock who he received a letter from. He also talks about the friends from school he has been running into…

Bob talks about enjoying his work as it feels worthwhile and is mostly outdoors.

Bob talks about finally getting his mail from his wife and his mother, including three letters following Jimmie's death containing news of D-day and…
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