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  • Collection: Jimmie W. Monteith, Jr. Collection, 1933-1997 (Ms1990-062)

Informs Jimmie Monteith that he has been accepted for military service.

Jimmie tells his mother about a trip to Greenville with a friend and he finds out there are a few girls colleges that he wanted to visit a friend at…

Tells his father about issues in camp with the hot temperatures, red clay soil, and hot water heater. He says that they received more clothing and…

Jimmie tells his sister about going to Greenville on the weekends and visiting with a family friend who took him to dinner and a movie. The work at…

Jimmie says that work has been busy with a 10 mile hike and rifle training. He says he can't come home for Thanksgiving, but he might be able to get a…

Written insert say that Jimmie received a box of delicious candy.

Jimmie tells his mother that he will remain at the camp permanently to be an instructor.

Jimmie tells his father he might get a Christmas furlough. He says he received the peanuts that his parents sent.

Jimmie thanks his mother for the presents and tells her about his plans to spend Christmas in Greenville at the Ballengers home.

Jimmie talks about the possibility of a furlough. He talks about how his Christmas was and the presents and cards that he received. He says that his…

Jimmie says that he will be in charge of the heaters and that there are some men being sent to Alabama, but thankfully he is not one of them. He…

Jimmie tells his mother that because of his duties, he missed the trip to Alabama. He remarks on his father's health and the fact that he's not…

Jimmie tells his father that a new group of men are coming in the next day which he is happy about, because he has been keeping busy doing odd jobs…

Jimmie tells his father that he went to the rifle range and fired a 1903 Springfield. He has applied to Officers Training school.

Jimmie's uncle Archie writes to him. He says he lives near Fort McClellan and wishes Jimmie would be sent there. Archie belongs to the civil defense…

Jimmie says that he's been in the army for 5 months. Jimmie went to the board to [interview?] for officer's training school.

Jimmie tells his mother that he passed to go to officers training school in Fort Benning, GA.

Notes Jimmie Monteith's address change as he goes to Fort Benning, GA.

Jimmie compares the difficulty of Fort Benning to the first year at V.P.I. He describes Atlanta. He say that he likes Fort Benning very much. He says…

Jimmie tells his father about the Officer's Training Program including classes. He lists his new address at Fort Benning. Jimmie says that he does not…

Jimmie describes a blackout in the camp to practice for an air raid. One of his friends set him up on a date for the upcoming weekend.

Jimmie tells his mother about training, his past two weekends off, and his upcoming trip to Atlanta, GA and Greenville, SC.

Jimmie tells his father about racial integration in the camps and about public speaking about his profession before the army. He tells his father that…

Jimmie tells his mother about machine gun training in the camp. Jimmie visited his Uncle Archie in Birmingham, AL. the previous weekend and details…

Jimmie tells his mother that he went to see Uncle Archie again on the weekend. Details his schedule in the came.

Jimmie talks about the weather and his dailly activities including working with anti-tank guns and mortars. He talks about the price of his uniform…

Jimmie tells his mother that he wishes his father would get better. He tells his mom that she and his dad don't need to worry because he can take care…

Jimmie tells his father that he hopes he is getting better and to not let the doctors worry him. Jimmie gives his opinion about doctors and their…

Jimmie tells his father about what the anti-tank gun crew have to do. He says that if the soldier has fait in himself and his weapon, then he will…

Jimmie tells his mother that training is getting harder even though he thought it would ease up after the first part. He says that there were military…

Jimmie tells his parents that Col. Luminus is his regimental commander. He believes he's going to like it at Fort McClellan.

Jimmie tells his mother that he is enjoying Fort McClellan. He reflects on his visit home. He says that the food is wonderful and he enjoys the other…

Jimmie says the mail service is better than at Ft. Benning. Jimmie expects to see his Uncle Archie soon. Jimmie is advising his father on his health…

Jimmie writes to his sister about how hot the camp is. He tells her about the serviceman's insurance policy.

Jimmie talks about the trainees and their physical and mental struggles since they are much older than him. Jimmie got to spend time with his Uncle…

Jimmie talks about war news in Russia where the Germans are fighting. He believes that if there is a new front to fight the Germans, then they will…

Jimmie talks about visiting his Uncle Archie. He talks about his living quarters.

Jimmie tells his mother about getting settled back in since he went home.

Jimmie talks about the rifle range training during the week. Jimmie has to arrange a dance to boost morale. He's trying to get enough girls to attend…

Jimmie talks about the new ampetheatre built at Fort McClellan.

Jimmie talks about a mix up in insurance. He also believes that he will be staying at the camp for a while.

Jimmie talks about the dance being a success. He talks about Col. Francis Lumnis who he has gotten close to. Jimmie says some of the men he works with…

Jimmie says they had a busy week shipping troops all over America. He and his assistant, Sergeant Parker, helped to ship men to their destinations.…

Jimmie talks about how being single ensures that someone is always trying to set you up on a date. Jimmie says that this time he is going to have some…

Jimmie talks about the older ages (thirties and fourties) of the men in the camps, especially the ones with college degrees. He says that his Uncle…

Jimmie talks about the weather at camp. He asks his mother to have Nancy try to find a shirt for him downtown. Bob has applied for a comission in the…

Jimmie says the men are about to change into winter uniforms. The men are throwing a going away party for the regimental commander, Col. Lumnis, who…

Jimmie says they had a parade for the regimental commander who is leaving. The new commander is Col. Golightly. Uncle Archie got engaged. Jimmie says…
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