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  • Collection: Jimmie W. Monteith, Jr. Collection, 1933-1997 (Ms1990-062)

The Brightbills wish congratulations on what seems to be Nancy's high school graduation.

Bob sends his mother cash as a present. He says his plans for a present fell through.

This is a Mother's Day card. Bob apologizes for not buying his mother a present.

A get well card from some friends who missed Mr. Monteith at a convention they all went to.

The citation details Jimmie's actions on D-Day that awarded him the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Informs Jimmie Monteith that he has been accepted for military service.

She talks about her trip to Switzerland and the affair that she had during her stay. She also talks about failing a French exam so has to take it…

A letter expressing sympathy for the loss of Jimmie. He also talks about his vacation and talks about his parents and their health.

A letter expressing sympathy for the loss of Jimmie. He talks about having no hope of leaving the Phillipines a year earlier, but now is reminded of…

Henry tells Carrie that he received the newspapers about Cousin Ernest's death. He then goes on to update her on the happenings of various people.

Clara talks about not getting a lot of correspondence from the United States. She talks about having a heart attack and recovering.

Mrs. Bates invites Carrie and Nancy to come visit in the next year. She says that there is a lot of loss around her neighborhood and she hopes that…

A letter expressing sympathy for the loss of Jimmie. She also updates Mrs. Monteith on Jack Rich's whereabouts.

Adelaide tells Mrs. Monteith that she has heard the news of Jimmie's honor. She says that it must be difficult to analyze her feelings knowing this…

Alf tells Mrs. Monteith that he has heard the news of Jimmie's honor. He talks about how a family member, Andy, was killed in action in Italy and how…

A letter thanking Mrs. Monteith for the flowers after his mother's passing. He explains how she died.

A letter expressing sympathy for the loss of Jimmie. This letter was dated wrong. The postmark is for July 8, 1944, so more than likely the letter was…

Jimmie's uncle Archie writes to him. He says he lives near Fort McClellan and wishes Jimmie would be sent there. Archie belongs to the civil defense…

A letter expressing sympathy for the loss of Jimmie and talking about hwo close he got to Jimmie while he was at Fort McClellan.

A letter from the Society of the First Division thanking Mrs. Monteith for forwarding the letter from General Powell of Fort Benning, GA.

A letter to notify Mrs. Monteith that the personal effects of Jimmie are being sent to her.

Bob writes a letter of sympathy to Mrs. Monteith upon learning of Jimmie's death. He talks about how he knew him in high school.

A letter of condolence for Jimmie's father's passing.

A letter expressing sympathy for the loss of Jimmie. He also talks about what other people are doing and where they are living.

Carmen tells Mrs. Monteith that she just heard of the Congressional Medal of Honor bestowed upon Jimmie. She talks about her memories of Jimmie.

A letter from the American Red Cross expressing sympathy for the loss of Jimmie.

A letter concerning the death of Robert Monteith's sudden passing.

A letter from the Richmond News Leader returning her pictures and letters from Jimmie.

A letter from the House of Representatives expressing sympathy for the loss of Jimmie. He says that in the memory of her son throughout America will…

A letter showing support for Mrs. Monteith during the holiday and recalling memories spent with her family.

A letter expressing sympathy for the loss of Jimmie.

Frances writes a love letter recalling an explosion she and Bob witnessed the previous weekend.

Frances writes a love letter detailing what she's doing and how she misses him.

A letter from a soldier thanking the Monteiths for letting him and Virgil stay for Christmas at their house. He talks about his travels back to Fort…

Frederick tells Mrs. Monteith that he has heard the news of Jimmie's honor. He talks about being discharged from the military and now being at home.…
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