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  • Collection: Sesquicentennial Time Capsule Collection (Ms2022-089)

A book describing the history of Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College, including its formation as a land grant university and its proposed education model.

A detailed map that shows the farm and grounds of Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College. It contains field notes and a table of areas, which defines the acreage of various plots. Two hand-written notes are also on the map, one from Blackford…

Campus view of VPI development plan, printed in 1927.

Panoramic map of VPI campus with buildings numbered and labeled.

Maps of Blacksburg and Montgomery County, published in 1980 by Noonkester Real Estate.

Street map of the town of Blacksburg, prepared for the Blacksburg Engineering Department in 1982.

Digital invitation for the time capsule sealing event, created for the Virginia Tech Sesquicentennial (150 year) celebration in 2022.
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