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This memorandum acknowledges the official observance of Indigenous Peoples Day at Virginia Tech and includes the official resolution approved by the…

The Appointment Of Kenneth S. Ball to the L.S. Randolph Professorship program

Engineering News Spring 2015 pg 6

Engineering News Spring 2009 pg 1

Spectrum, October 22, 2004 pg 2

The 1959 Commencement Film depicts part of the 1959 graduation and commissioning ceremony.

Group photo of the Virginia Tech chapter of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers from the 1938 Bugle, picturing Carmen Venegas (first row,…

Portrait of Yvonne Rohran Tung from the 1950 Bugle

The letter is from Mildred Tate to Mrs. Gillette inviting her to a dinner at Hillcrest, the women's dormitory at Virginia Tech, held by Mrs. White on…

This letter was written by Maude E. Wallace of Virginia Agricultural Extension Service, Blacksburg, VA, to Sarah Pitts of George Peabody College,…

A booklet published in 1996 commemorating the 75th anniversary of female enrollment at Virginia Tech. The booklet includes a history and profiles of…
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