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RG 6_1 Records VP Admin CassellStuart B13F8 1963 CommunityCollege Danville.pdf

This pdf file contains the entirety of Box 13, Folder 8 from the Vice President Stuart Cassell Records (RG 6/1).

Watercolor paintings of fifty fungi found in England accompanied by descriptions.

Written sometime around 1900, the memoirs recount the military career of Archibald previous hit Atkinson next hit, Jr., as a doctor in the…

Portrait photograph of Robert E. Lee.
Acc2022_Manuscript Receipt Book_025.jpg

Pages from the Manuscript Receipt Book dealing with remedies for the home.
Ms2013-028_B1F13_Physicians Essentials.pdf

An advertising pamphlet of drugs considered "Physicians Essentials." The booklet ends with the ways druggists can order drugs from the manufacturer.
Ms2013-028_B1F13_Non Multum Sed Multa.pdf

An advertising pamphlet for Kola-Cardinette in the form of an illustrated story. The booklet also includes timelines relating to medical history.
Ms2013-028_B1F13_Jaundice Bitters_001.jpg

An advertisement for bitters used to treat jaundice, weakness of the stomach, and general debility
Ms2013-028_B1F13_Indian Root Pills_001.jpg

An advertisement for "Indian Root Pills" depicting a Native man on a horse. The medicine is described as "The great blood purifier."

A handwritten receipt book containing handwritten receipts and pages from cookery booklets. The receipts range from cures for illness and maladies in…

An advertisement for a medicine to treat "all diseases originating in impure blood." The ad states that the medicine can be used for illnesses such as…

An advertising booklet for a patent medicine used to treat indigestion, nervousness, and physical and mental exhaustion. The back describes the…

Sheet music for the William Tell Overture, composed by Gioachino Rossini.

Sheet music for "Adorables Tourments."

Sheet music for "A Little Love, A Little Kiss (Un Peu d'Amour)" composed by Lao Silésu, lyrics by A. Nilson Fysher, with English lyrics by Adrian…
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