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Millboro tunnel Millboro VA.jpg
B & W. Postcard.
Eagle Quality. The Eagle Post Card View Co., N.Y.

St Andrews Roanoke interior.jpg
Interior view of nave facing altar.
Postmarked: June, 1908.

Message on reverse:
"Hello Ernest,
I shall be glad to go up to see you all Sunday night. I shall arrive on the evening train. Do let me meet the little man you have in…

Tazewell VA in snow.jpg
Postcard. Made in Germany.
Postmark illegible.

Mill Mountain.jpg
Postmarked July 28, 1907

Printed in Germany.

Drapers Mt Pulaski VA.jpg
Caption on reverse:
To the South and West lies Draper's Valley, named for John Draper, who settled here in 1765. He moved hence from Draper's Meadows (Blacksburg) where his wife was captured by the Indians in the…

Excelsior Pocahontas Coal Co Mines 1 and 2.jpg
Double postcard.
Mine in Excelsior, McDowell County, West Virginia on the Norfolk & Western Railway.
Photo credit on right side: Haines Photo Co., Conneaut, Ohio.

Note: The Haines Photo Company was a Conneaut, Ohio-based American photography…
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