Oral History with Valerie Scott, Mason Scott, and James E. Dow, March 16, 1991 (Ms1991-019)

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Valerie Dow Scott was born in 1904, and she grew up in Montgomery County, Virginia. Scott’s parents--the Dow family--sent Valerie to high school in Nottoway County, Virginia. After completing her education there, Scott worked as a teacher, briefly, before getting married to Rollin J. Scott. Valerie Scott and Rollin J. Scott had three children: James R. Scott, Mason F. Scott, and Goldie L Scott. While raising her children, Scott worked in the home for many years. Later, she worked at the Radford Arsenal. In this interview, Valerie Scott is accompanied by her son, Mason, and she provides information about education opportunities and work opportunities for Black Appalachians in the 20th century.

Mason Franklin Scott was born in 1928 and grew up in Elliston, Virginia. Scott attended Christiansburg Industrial Institute before completing his education in the Youth’s Army Program. He worked on the railroad before serving in the Army during the Korean War. As a veteran, Scott worked as a Postal Service employee in Blacksburg and Elliston, Virginia. In this interview, Mason Scott is accompanied by his mother, Valerie Scott, and he discusses his experience with the railroad, his service in the Army, race relations in Montgomery County, and work opportunities for Black Appalachians.

James E. Dow was born in Pennsylvania in 1928. He grew up in Elliston, Virginia, and he was raised by his grandparents. Dow graduated from Christiansburg Industrial Institute before serving in the Army during the Korean War. Upon his return from service, he worked for the railroad, briefly, before working in the Civil Service department at the Veteran’s Hospital. In this interview, Dow shares his experience of attending Christiansburg Institute, describes working for the railroad and the Army, and discusses race relations in the Montgomery County area.

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