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Envelope, Sherwood Anderson to Llewellyn Jones, December 14, 1924

Information about the family and surveys.

Survey completed by William Anderson for Adam [?].

Survey data by William Anderson for Moses M, Connel.

The stained glass, gold-plated figure is an angel kneeling in prayer with a VT belt. An attached note says it is hand crafted by the Angels of Love…

Two views of a white cloth banner with messages in Korean, and also has signatures and messages in English
Ms1989-039_128_017_011 (1).jpg

A letter from a resident of Fries reporting their neighbor to the mill administration for perceived suspicious behavior.
Virginia Techs 125th Anniversary Talk To High School Students In 1944 Tells Bla.pdf

Notes for a talk given by Miss Mary Apperson at Blacksburg High School in 1944 as reprinted in the Montgomery News Messenger Bicentennial Edition,…

A handwritten letter from Igor Aravjo. The letter sends thoughts and prayers and condolences to VT students.

Written sometime around 1900, the memoirs recount the military career of Archibald previous hit Atkinson next hit, Jr., as a doctor in the…

A handwritten letter from Antonio Arenas. The cover has the word "VT." . The inside has a drawing of the United States with VT written inside it all…

Addressed to the United States Ambassador in Jamaica

Letter from William Ash to his cousins.

Envelope of a letter from William Ash to his cousins.

Correspondence sent by Mrs F.N. Atkins (Blacksburg Woman's Club President) to Sargent Shriver in the Office of Economic Opportunity (Washington D.C.)…

One view of an orange, paper banner with a large Hokie bird, another view of a blue, paper banner with more than a dozen HokieBbirds and a final view…

A handwritten letter from Ashley Avalos. On the front cover, the letter has hand drawn hearts and stamps that say "Bless you." On the inside, it has a…
Blacksburgs Bicentennial  Antiquity of Blacksburg.pdf

Article from the Virginia Tech Engineer by Howard Shaeffer Avery, VPI class of 1928.
Ms2013-028_B1F13_Physicians Essentials.pdf

An advertising pamphlet of drugs considered "Physicians Essentials." The booklet ends with the ways druggists can order drugs from the manufacturer.

H.O. Babcock was a farmer and schoolteacher from North Stonington, Connecticut. Diary entries record work, social and church activities, weather, and…

Babcock's Civil War diary begins near Washington, D.C., where his company had been since June 1863. While at Fort Carroll, his entries largely contain…
Ms1989-039_128_016_001 (3).jpg

A letter allowing the grocery store to build an extension to the building.

One memory book with photographs, letters, and dedication of tree planting from Baker University.

Card from Paula Baldock of the York Regional Police Communications, Ontario, Canada, c. 2007. Transcription reads "Virginia Tech Police Dispach Center…

Letter from Anthony V. Bardo to Megan L. Armbruster, Recovery Coordinator, Virginia Tech Office of Recovery & Support, regarding the song "33 Gone"…

Letter written by James and Jehu Barnard of Patrick County, Virginia to their parents. Both were members of Company K, 50th Virginia Infantry. Written…

A list of free Negroes and Mulattoes, compiled by James Barnett, district commissioner of revenue, Montgomery County, Virginia. The list includes…

A diary with one-page entries for the year of 1862. A few pages of memoranda follow on which Barnett has listed miscellaneous clothing expenses and…

The collection consists of a letter by Ansil T. Bartlett to his father, dated April 15, 1865. Written from Camp Farmville, Virginia, the letter…
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