Letter, William Vinson to Wife and Children, Richmond Va., January 28, 1854 (Ms2008-048)

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Letter, William Vinson to Wife and Children, Richmond Va., January 28, 1854 (Ms2008-048)


This collection contains a letter written by Virginia House of Delegates member William Vinson to his wife and children in Wayne County, (West) Virginia. After noting his homesickness, Vinson proceeds to write of the possibility of the general assembly session being extended, then makes note of health conditions in the Richmond area ("the has bin Right smart feever in this plase and small pox...") and describes his personal health. Addressing his son, Richard, Vinson extols at length the value of a good education. He then expresses delight at recent news about the birth of his new son ("Jane after i heard that you had that Whig Boy i enlisted my frends to come to my Room that Nite and that it was my treat..."). Vinson makes some mention of his own endeavors in the general assembly on behalf of his constituents, including his attempts to get a mail route and road up the Tug Fork River and a road up Twelve Pole Creek. Vinson concludes by noting that he has won more than $100 and an expensive pen and pencil set through local lotteries. William Vinson, son of James Vinson and Rhoda Sperry, was born about 1819 in Lawrence County, Kentucky. He married Jane Chambers, of Wyoming County, (West) Virginia in September 1835. The couple lived in Wayne County for some time and had several children. Vinson served in the Virginia House of Delegates for one session (1853-1854). One source indicates that he served as a captain in the 14th Kentucky Infantry, though no further record of his service could be found. Vinson died in 1883 in Lawrence County, Kentucky.








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