Diary, Marcus B. Warner, 1864 (Ms2010-061)

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Diary, Marcus B. Warner, 1864 (Ms2010-061)



Diary written by Marcus B. Warner in 1864. The diary is written in a green Allings & Cory pocket diary. In addition to describing his life as a soldier, Warner also chronicles his previous civilian life and the Union army recruitment process. Writing as a civilian, his common discussion topics include the weather, his daily schedule, fluctuating gold prices, local and national politics and elections, war news, and local community and church events. A notable entry on August 6th gives insight to his political sentiments:
"The Copper Heads are getting to be quite bold they are spewing out their venomous treason against the Government at times when I hear them talk it almost makes my blood boil with rage I fairly hate the sight of them and there is many those who we would expect better things from." (entry from August 6, 1864)
After Marcus mustered into service in September of 1864, his descriptions shift to daily camp life and more in-depth war news that is sometimes accompanied by newspaper clippings. A humorous entry on October 4th details a false alarm around camp, in which a guard mistook a lone dog for an enemy attack. Warner also provides considerable insight into the religious life of a Union soldier. On September 11th, he bears witness to a mass group conversion:
"I saw a gathering off at one side [....] they were holding a prayer or speaking meeting there was an opening in the center where those who wished steped fow- erd and confessed their and decla ired themselves on the side of the Lord it was very good meeting the spirit as God was there motivation was then given to those who wished religion to step forward, some twenty persons stepped forward praying was then offered and meeting adjourned until eve" (entry from September 11, 1864)
Warner also goes in depth about the army.





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Researchers wishing to cite this collection should include the following information: Marcus B. Warner Collection, Ms2010-061, Special Collections, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Va.



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