"National Diary" Recipe Book, [1914?] (Ms2009-051)

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"National Diary" Recipe Book, [1914?] (Ms2009-051)


A bound volume of recipes, handwritten or clipped from newspapers. The recipes are in no particular order and include main dishes, sides, and some breakfast items. The majority are dessert recipes. Some examples include "Grapenut pudding," "Deviled tomatoes," "Shepherd's Pie," and "Beer." It also includes some household tips. The volume was originally a 1914 daily diary and the pages prior to February 4th have been removed. The diary contains a single entry on Febraury 10th. The entry notes "take notice - we had an earthquake here today at 1:30...shocks felt all over the state so the paper says." It is likely the recipe book was compiled, or at least begun, in 1914. One of the clipped recipes in the latter part of the book is dated Friday, Febraury 13th, a date which would have occured in 1914.





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