History of Food & Drink Collection Manuscripts


History of Food & Drink Collection Manuscripts



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The collection consists of one household and recipe book from Macon County, AL. A variety of writers left entries within the journal, most notably…

Pages from the receipt book dealing with specific home remedies.
Ms2010-073_Home Remedies Manual019.jpg

A page from the Home Remedies Manual with a receipt for an "Old Indian cure" for ague.
Acc2022_Manuscript Receipt Book_025.jpg

Pages from the Manuscript Receipt Book dealing with remedies for the home.
Ms2010-073_Home Remedies Manual003.jpg

The pages from the Home Remedies Manual dealing with remedies for the home.
Ms2010-073_Home Remedies Manual010.jpg

Pages from the Home Remedies Manual dealing with remedies for animals.

Pages 46 and 47 from "The Cowboy and Com-Cel-Sar" detailing the nature of the testimonials in the booklet.

Page 15 of "The Cowboy and Com-Cel-Sar" featuring customer testimonials.

A page from "The Cowboy and Com-Cel-Sar" displaying customer testimonials.

A handwritten home remedy/receipt book with entries in English and French. The book is bound in red leather with paper marbling on the inner binding.

A handwritten receipt book containing handwritten receipts and pages from cookery booklets. The receipts range from cures for illness and maladies in…
Ms2010-073_Home Remedies Manual.pdf

A handwritten home remedy manual subsisting of pages sewn and bound to newspaper pages. The remedies range from cures for illness and maladies…

This collection contains an undated cocktail menu for the South Pacific Room of the El Mirador Hotel. The menu's cover depicts South Pacific art and…

While Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil was marketed until the 1940s and 1950s, the particular trade card in this collection most likely dates to the late…

The collection consists of an advertisement from the Lowenbach Brothers liquor distributors in Alexandria, Virginia, c.1910s. The flyer includes…

A bound volume of recipes, handwritten or clipped from newspapers. The recipes are in no particular order and include main dishes, sides, and some…

A recipe book handwritten in German. The book is broken up into sections, but only about one-third contain recipes. Most of the recipes are in the…

This collection consists of a recipe book bearing the name of Sallie Wilson of Liberty, Virginia. The small book contains more than 100 recipes,…

The Hertford Receipt Book is a recipe book written in Hertford, England (a county town of Hertfordshire) from 1800 to 1833. The recipes were…

The materials in the Ivanhoe, Virginia, Moonshine Still Glass Plate Collection include the glass plate and two black and white prints. The plate…

The collection consists of an illustrated scrapbook, detailing the set up for a household, possibly compiled for a new bride or a school assignment.…

The Myers Bros. and Co. Trade Card shows a Confederate soldier swapping tobacco with a Union soldier in exchange for a bag of coffee.

The Virginia Brewing Company letter was written on September 27, 1909 by Louis A. Scholz, President of the company, and Henry Scholz, Secretary and…

Single-page advertising flyer for J. E. Cooley, merchant, New York, NY, dated 1863. Flyer lists prices for a wide range of grocery items, including…

The collection contains a single hand-made ribbon-bound manuscript entitled, A Novel Recipe “How to Cook a Husband.” The book’s recipe instructs…

Recipe book written in England in 1731. At least two authors-names unknown. Recipes focus largely on delicacies, not on staple meals, and home remedies.

Recipe book containing hand-written recipes for soups, salads, puddings, cookies, cakes, icings, and biscuits. Date, location, and full author name remain unknown.

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