VT Stories Oral History with the Class of 1991, Angi Ackerman, Cecilia Beverine, Chiny Driscoll, and Kristan Saunders, November 11, 2016 (Ms2016-015)

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They say that college is where you find lifelong friends, and this couldn’t be any more true for Angi Ackerman, Cecilia Beverine, Chiny Driscoll, and Kristan Saunders. These women are exemplary of the friendships you can find at Virginia Tech. Business majors, Class of 1991 graduates, and Delta Gamma Sorority sisters, these friends share many fond memories of their times at Virginia Tech and their Hokie spirit.

Although they grew up in very different areas, from New York all the way to South Korea, their time as Hokies created a lasting bond. This bond has continued on well after graduation. They now reside in Northern Virginia and have a “Tech Dinner Club” which is just one of many ways these friends have stayed in touch with each other and their Hokie roots.

Most of them would agree that freshman year at Virginia Tech was a big adjustment, the Drillfield can be dangerous to traverse, and the only food to look forward to at the time was fried chicken. However, they acknowledge even the tough parts of their years in Blacksburg as being part of the college experience.

As graduates they have all found work in different facets of business while maintaining their friendships, raising families, and being involved alumnae. They have been there for major milestones like weddings, and they can all agree that Virginia Tech was the source of these lifelong relationships. Their pride in their alma mater continues to grow each year, and they hope that prospective students won’t be discouraged by the large student body at Virginia Tech because there are plenty of opportunities to form your own group of friends.


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