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Additional Resources and Credits

Additional Resources


This exhibit was made by Special Collections and University Archives and the Virginia Tech University Libraries in partnership with Virginia Tech Student Engagement and Campus Life and supported by Virginia Tech.

Thank you to the following individuals for volunteering their time and knowledge to the physical and digital exhibits:

  • LM Rozema, Special Collections and University Archives
  • Robin Scully, Student Engagement and Campus Life
  • Ana Corral, University Libraries
  • Scott Fralin, University Libraries
  • Tamara Kennelly, Special Collections and University Archives
  • Iris Swaney, Special Collections and University Archives
  • Mike Adamo, University Libraries
  • Ann Brown, University Libraries
  • Ellen Krupar, University Libraries
  • Carolyn Meier, University Libraries

We are sad we could not present the physical exhibits due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but we hope this digital exhibit can inspire hope, love, and support.


For questions or comments about this exhibit or the VT April 16, 2007 Condolence Archives, please reach out to Special Collections and University Archives at or 540-231-6308.

Mental Health Resources

Addressing difficult topics can be stressful and cause anxiety, difficulty concentrating, sleep loss, and even concerns about safety. If you or a loved one needs help, there are many resources!
  • Suicide & Crisis Lifeline - call 988 or text HOME to 741741

  • 24/7 Cook Counseling Hotline for VT students - 540-231-6557

  • NRVCS Raft Crisis Hotline - 540-961-8400

  • Just need to talk? Mental Health America of VA Warm Line - 1-866-400-MHAV (6428)

  • For more resources, students should visit the Well-Being at VT website and employees should visit Hokie Wellness.

  • Additional Emergency Services information is available from the Cook Counseling Center and at the We Remember website.
Additional Resources and Credits