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Photo taken inside of a Parsons Corporation factory.

150th_087a. Opportunities by 4.jpg
These pages are from the Bulletin of VPI, Vol. XV, No. 6, Sept. 1922, and it advertises different opportunites that V. P. I. had for women in 1922/1923. The item focuses on opportunites within the applied sciences, but also discusses other fields…

150th_085a. Golden Jubilee left.jpg
This photo depicts the Alumni Registration and Information Area at the Golden Jubliee. Also pictured are several alumni from the Classes of 1875 through 1895. The welcome banner that was hung up in Blackburg was also pictured.

150th_085b. Golden Jubilee right v4.jpg
This photo depicts the alumni gathering at the main tent at the Golden Jubilee. The inside of the tent is also pictured. Also pictured is an ariel view of campus after Golden Jubilee.
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