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James A Hagy Wagon co Abingdon.jpg
Postmarked July 1910
Message on back:
"Dear Boy,
You must be good & mind what is told you. How are you getting along any way, are you getting home sick. Write us a card
You Papa W.[?]"

St Paul Natl Bank Saint Paul VA.jpg
Postmarked August 26 4PM 1914
Message on reverse:
"Mother dear, it was so muddy today we could not come home but if Friday is a better one we will walk [word obscured] if not please send for me Sat. evening - Love Olive

Hotel Patrick Henry.jpg
Caption on reverse:
Hotel Patrick Henry
Roanoke, Virginia
400 Rooms with Bath, Ceiling Fan, Circulating Ice Water.
Garage direct entrance to Lobby.
Fay M. Thomas, Manager.

Postcard is a Lumitone Photo Print,
This company published highly…

South quadrangle Hollins.jpg
Caption on reverse: "Hollins College, situated seven miles from the city of Roanoke. Oldest college for women in Virginia, founded by Charles Lewis Cocke. Began with Valley Union Seminary of 1842. An accredited liberal arts college with an endowment…
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