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Recipe book containing hand-written recipes for soups, salads, puddings, cookies, cakes, icings, and biscuits. Date, location, and full author name remain unknown.

A recipe book handwritten in German. The book is broken up into sections, but only about one-third contain recipes. Most of the recipes are in the…

A photograph of (left-right) Whiz Farmer, Shirley Trent Litteral, Larry Kirby, and an unknown man with flawless weaving

A letter from Mrs. Jack Epps asking for fabric samples to match her new wallpaper.

A photograph of three men having a discussion on the porch of the mill.

Dining hall tent cards produced by the AIDS Education Committee promoting AIDS awareness and education.

A photograph of an employee receiving a plaque and a statue of a bird.

Genealogy chart of John Stevenson Fletcher, including members of the Reynolds, Frizzell, Rolston, and Fletcher families

A photograph of a group of employees receiving an award.

A photograph of a group of employees, one of whom is receiving an award. Left-right: Calvert Wilie, Jessie Jenkins, Emmet Vaughan, rest unknown.

Badge featuring three female allegorical figures with coat of arms in front of two ships. Back has label of "J.L.B Forrester/Books, Cards, Badges/811…

Blacksburg Museum and Cultural Foundation Logo.

An image of a bobbin winding machine sent to the Fries mill.

Broadside Publication titled "A Partial Listing of Those Who Have Shared Their Thoughts With Our Members in Recent Years".

Broadside titled "What is the International Platform Association?".

A suggested template about workplace safety, sent to the Fries Textile Plant.

Michael Collins' Business Card from his time as Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs. Back features note regarding "Book Publishers".

Montgomery Female College certificate "awarded to Eugenia V. Sullivan for Purity and Correctness in the Use of the English Language"

Metal Certificate from the International Platform Association certifying Michael Collins' being voted a Life Member of the IPA.

A photograph of four cheerleaders from Fries Hish School, posing on the stairs to the Town Hall.

A blank clearance card from the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows

Clippings from an unknown publication regarding the National Space Club with attendence information for a October 24th luncheon.

Small clipping for "RADC Opening Contracting For SDI Battle Management Communications". "Andulis" handwritten above article.

Cover Sheet, "Gemini 10 Astros M. Collins J. Young".

Newspaper Articles "U.S.-Soviet Box Score on Astronauts' Flights", "Astronauts Back at the Cape, Reporting Columbus was Right", and "Mike's Walk Reel…

Letter from Robert Riddle, President of the Gay Student Alliance at Virginia Commonwealth University, regarding a conference in preparation for a…

Letter to friends of Lambda Horizon from Mark Weber announcing the group's first Gay Alumni Weekend.

Letter to friends of Lambda Horizon from Mark Weber asking for their support and financial assistance.

Letter to the friends of Lambda Horizon from Mark weber regarding a retirement celebration for Lambda Horizon supporter Luther Brice.

Letter to the Virginia tech Faculty from Lambda Horizon Officers regarding the services the grioup provides to students and faculty at Virginia tech.

Letter from Lambda Horizon's Roland Follot to fellow gay student representatives at other universities concerning Gay Awareness Week.

Letter from Patrick Hanrahan to mark Weber regarding possible organization activities for Lambda Horizon in the coming months.

Handwritten Vaughn property deed (exact date unknown).

Handwritten Watson property deed (exact date unknown).

Dawing for a bridge designed by McNairy, Claflin & Company of Cleveland, Ohio.

A photograph of Earl Johnson, Garnett Stuart, and Ramona Johnson in front of textile machinery.

This collection contains an undated cocktail menu for the South Pacific Room of the El Mirador Hotel. The menu's cover depicts South Pacific art and…

Two facing pages from a mill ledger recording early mill employees and their families.

A photograph of an employee giving blood at a mill-operated blood drive.
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