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Virginia Techs 125th Anniversary Blacksburg Was Incorporated Year Before Virgin.pdf
Article by Mrs. W. D. Altman from the July 1, 1976 Montgomery News Messenger Bicentennial Edition.

Mrs W D Altman, Blacksburg was Established.pdf
Article by Mrs. W. D. Altman from the May 30, 1957 Montgomery News Messenger.

Virginia Techs 125th Anniversary Talk To High School Students In 1944 Tells Bla.pdf
Notes for a talk given by Miss Mary Apperson at Blacksburg High School in 1944 as reprinted in the Montgomery News Messenger Bicentennial Edition, July 1, 1976.

Blacksburgs Bicentennial  Antiquity of Blacksburg.pdf
Article from the Virginia Tech Engineer by Howard Shaeffer Avery, VPI class of 1928.

Virginia Techs 125th Anniversary W K Bells Father Had Several Thrilling War Exp.pdf
Article in the Montgomery News Messenger about the Junior Women's Club in Blacksburg, Va.

Blacksburg Bicentennial Mayors Of Blacksburg from 1871 to Present.pdf
List of Mayors who have served the Town of Blacksburg from 1871 to the present.

Blacksburgs Bicentennial VPI Historical Index.pdf
Ralph M. Brown's extracts from the V.P.I. Historical Index, 1872-1938.

Virginia Techs 125th Techmen Are Ready.pdf
VPI President Julian Burruss comments on the large numbers of students joining the United States Army in the February 25, 1943 Virginia Tech.

Handmade card and poem titled "A Child Loaned" from the female inmates of Cambridge Springs Prison.

Montgomery--Blacksburg A Lecture Delivered by Prof Conrad.pdf
An article by Thomas N. Conrad (V.A.M.C. president from 1882 to 1886) from the Blacksburg Post, December 10, 1896.

Blacksburg Bicentennial In Old Blacksburg.pdf
An article in the Blacksburg Home News, September 9, 1916, describing the state of the town.

Untitled inspirational speech aimed at students within the geology program.

A comedic play in two acts about the social and family aspects of recruiting a new professor.

Chapter one of a fictional crime drama about marijuana being discovered on a college campus.

Marriages in 1893, Roseanna Croy Dawson Diaries.pdf
List of marriages in 1893 by Rosanna Croy Dawson.

Roaeanna Croy Dawson Diaries, A Sheat for Axidents an Curious Things.pdf
List of accidents and odd occurences by Rosanna Croy Dawson, from her diary, "Blacksburg in 1898."

Roaeanna Croy Dawson Diaries, A Sheat for Moving.pdf
List of people who moved and where they moved to.

Roaeanna Croy, a Sheate for Preserving 1898.pdf
Records of what Dawson preserved in 1898 and when.

Rosanna Croy Dawson, 1898 a Sheat for the garden.pdf
Records of planting and other work done in the family garden in 1898.

Rosanna Croy Dawson, a Sheat for flour and cornmeal for this year.pdf
Records of household quantities of flour and cornmeal.

Rosanna Croy Dawson, a Sheat for lamp oil.pdf
Records of household quantities of lamp oil.

Rosanna Croy Dawson, Deaths in 1893.pdf
List of deaths in 1893.

Roseanna Croy Dawson Diaries 1898 a Sheat for Births.pdf
List of births in 1898.

Roseanna Croy Dawson Diaries 1898 a Sheat for Deathes.pdf
List of deaths in 1898.

Roseanna Croy Dawson Diaries 1898 a Sheat for Marrages.pdf
List of marriages in 1898.

Roseanna Croy Dawson Diaries, 1898 a Sheat for Church things.pdf
Records of events at the church in 1898.

Roseanna Croy Dawson Diaries, a Sheat for Will Washington for Wood cutting an o.pdf
Records of the work Will Washington did for the Croy Dawson family in 1898.

Roseanna Croy Dawson on Tilda Gray.pdf
Dawson on Tilda Gray in her 1890 diary.

Roseanna Croy Dawson, 1898 a Sheat for butter.pdf
Records of butter in the household in 1898.

Roseanna Croy Dawson, A Sheat for Most Anything.pdf
Records from 1898 of shopping and household visits.

Roseanna Croy Dawson, a Sheate about the burning an building of the Alx Blacks.pdf
Record of the building of the Alex Black House in Blacksburg, VA.

Roseanna Croy Dawson, Sheat for Little Things.pdf
Record of small events in the life of Rosanna Croy Dawson in 1898.

Roseanna Croy Dawsons Sheet for the Children.pdf
Record of gifts received in 1898.

Blacksburg Bicentennial LB Dietricks Blacksburg.pdf
A lengthy recollection of his father's Blacksburg from the 1920s to the 1940s by Dr. Ronald B. Dietrick.

Blacksburgs Bicentennial Nostalgia by K Furr.pdf
Keith Furr recalls life in Blacksburg during the 1960s in an email to Laura Katz Smith in 1996.

Blacksburg Bicentennial A Social Study of the Blacksburg Community.pdf
Excerpts from the 1935 article by William Edward Garnett, rural sociologist.

Blackburgs Bicentennial Early Blacksburg.pdf
Letter in the April 20, 1932, Montgomery News Messenger about the town spring.

Blacksburgs Bicentennial Blacksburg.pdf
Blacksburg, VA, history from 1748 to 1900 by D. McCombs in 1981.

Blacksburg Bicentennial A Brief History of Blacksburg.pdf
A recollection of the town and its history by R.D. Michael.

Telegram sent by W. E. Aliff to Zena Shott

Blacksburg Bicentennial The Laying Out of Blacksburg.pdf
A description of the original laying out of the town, by Daniel Pezzoni in March, 1984.

Blacksburg Bicentennial Situation, 1896.pdf
An introduction to the town for incoming VPI students, printed in the Blacksburg Post.

Blacksburg Bicentennial Blacksburg in 1931.pdf
A newspaper article from the Montgomery News Messenger, January 6, 1932, discussing the town and its progress.

Bicentennial From the Past.pdf
Record of progress in the town by Rebecca Price in 1932, as reprinted in the News Messenger Bicentennial Edition, July 1, 1976.

A circular produced by Roberts, Thorp & Co. advertising the products that the company produces. This circular primarily focusses on a product called the "vibrating invincible thresher".

Blacksburg Bicentennial In and Out of Context Blacksburgs Roots.pdf
J.M. Robertson's article from the winter 1977 edition of Context.

Metal angel made by Shawn Roberge with accompanying letter.

Blacksburg Bicentennial Motorcycles.pdf
Excerpt from Ellison Smyth's Retrospect (Pocahontas Press) printed in the February 14, 1993 Roanoke Times and World News.

Blackburg Bicentennial The Blacksburg Community - Leland B Tate.pdf
A compilation of various facts and bits of information about the town by Leland B. Tate.

Blacksburgs Bicentennial Notes on Blacksburg.pdf
Short article by Goodridge Wilson from the Roanoke Times, describing some of Blacksburg's early history.
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