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Civil War

Wilson was eighteen, before Virginia succeed from the Union in 1861. At the opening of the war, Wilson found himself in the Confederate capital. 

Fifty two years ago this country was stirred by a cruel war between the states, and the south said they would soon drive the “Yankees” back and have a confederacy whose bedrock would be Negro slavery. but God. Who is greater than man decreed otherwise., and they were taught a lesson Which will not be forgotten. “tho” they may try to forget. They may have their re-unions etc. recount their deeds of valor in a lost cause, nevertheless, the lesson stanfs stands and looms once in a while and whispers. “What fools these mortals are”  (Jul. 20th)

Fifty two years ago the battle of Bull [R]un or 1st Manassas was fought. and Yanks “skedaddled” to Washington. to my regret. —There were about 500 prisoners brought back to Richmond. Where I lived being hired out slave boy. at the corner of Franklin and 17th sts. to Dr. J.W. Garlick a fairly kind man, he died the next year. The confed[erate]s were in high feather over their victory and if they had pushed it. the result of the Civil War would have been entirely different. but they did not see their opportunity and God be praised for it (Jul. 22)

This day 50 years ago I was a forced refugee from here living in N.C.  — The Civil War was in progress and our Confederates were correspondingly depressed. Lee had been defeated at Gettysburg, and the backbone of the rebellion broken. Yet it waged near two years longer against fearful odds.. (Aug. 12)

This day 50 years ago I was a slave of Geo W. Grice living temporarily-from a military, standpoint-at company shop N.C. R.R. Alamance Co N.C.— (Aug. 30th)