Letter, Lewis R. Hauser and Robert W. Grimm to Virginia Tech Office of Recovery and Support, 2007 (Ms2008-020)

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Office of Recovery and Support
Virginia Tech
Research Building #7 (0907)
1700 Kraft Drive, Suite 1100
Blacksburg, VA 24061

January 8, 2008

Thank you for everything you have done and we hope that there is a place for our song somewhere in the memorial. We have included a copy of our song on CD and a printout of the lyrics for your review. (BEST ENJOYED LOUD)

We would like you to place this song somewhere on the VA TECH Memorial website. We played around with the tune for over a year but couldn't find the right words for the song. We knew we wanted it to be called "Dream Flying" and wanted the overall theme to be related to the title, but for some reason, the words were not forthcoming.

Since I had been a student at VA Tech and Lewis' brothers were graduates, we both had a very real connection to Blacksburg and had spent a lot of time there. When we heard about the shootings, it seemed to be a catalyst for the words of the song to come together. We think of it as a song of hope that was inspired by a tragic event at a place that we both love. We don't explicitly reference any particular event, but feel that our song captures a "feeling" that we both shared after this terrible tragedy.

The song is copyrighted, but we are giving the VA TECH "We Remember" website permission to play the song and post the lyrics as it sees fit.

Robert W. Grimm &
Lewis R. Hauser

JAN 22 2008