Letter, Anthony V. Bardo to Megan L. Armbruster, Burke, Va., April 9, 2008 (Ms2008-020)

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April 9, 2008

Megan L. Armbruster
Recovery Coordinator
Virginia Tech Office of Recovery & Support
1700 Kraft Drive, Building VII, Suite 1100 Blacksburg, VA 24061

Dear Ms. Armbruster: Megan,

Enclosed are two CDs of the song "33 Gone" that we have been discussing over the last couple of months. This song, written by me, and performed by The Fabulous Dialtones, is dedicated to the memory of the victims of last year's campus tragedy of April 16, 2007.

We have been hard at work recording and polishing this over the last several weeks in hopes of delivering it to you in time for use during the Expressions of Remembrance on April 16, 2008. I am pleased to have learned that you were impressed by the rough mix I sent last week, and believe you will find this version much improved.

Our plans include releasing a press release on 4/14 to selected DC area media and reporters, as well as a wire release that should get additional coverage. Also, an email will go out to our band distribution list. Both messages will refer readers to our web site to hear the song and will encourage people to click on the Hokie Spirit Foundation web site to make donations. We feel the email will be particularly effective as we will urge our recipients to forward the message to their own networks of friends and associates, particularly those with affiliations to Virginia Tech. We are contemplating the sale of CDs of the song at future band performances, with a share of the proceeds to be forwarded to the foundation fund, and a smaller share held in an effort to recoup some of our production costs.

Should the band or I (in some other capacity) include "33 Gone" in any future CD that includes other songs, I hope to be able to continue to apportion a share of the proceeds of that project to Virginia Tech.

Please stay in touch and use the song as you see fit. Thanks for your support and encouragement to continue with and finish this project.

Anthony V. Bardo
VT Class of 1974
Received APR 11 2008